WDtFS, the Big Bad Book that’s Making Me Cry~

September 10, 2017 — Leave a comment

So I finally read the official translation of Chapter 91 of What Does the Fox Say, and I’m still a f*cking mess when I read it. It wasn’t as bad as when I read the fan-translated version a week early, when I literally ugly-cried for seven pages straight.

– Goodbye.
– I love you.

Gets me hard.

I mean, I was hoping (more than knowing, which I kinda did in my initial review, saying Sungji and Sung Sunmi were meant to be) Seju will see the light and let Sunmi go coz there’s just too much freaking baggage, and tho Sunmi has done her fair share of shitty things, I really thought Seju was totally insensitive for telling Sunmi that she had mourned her parents enough, when it was only a month. So yeah, I have all the feels for Seju and Sunmi coz it’s all the fictional couples I’ve felt for— it’s Spider Lilies‘ tragedy, it’s Sharmen “I slept with a man. – Do you feel good now that we’re even?” TRAGIC.

I loved you so much that I couldn’t imagine a world without you. Even though my love hurt you, in the end, I thought you’d want to come back to me. No one called it love, but I believed it was love. That’s what I believed back then, when no one recognized my love. Now, even when you’re with me, you’ll long for someone else, not for the memories you shared with me. I don’t want you to be hurt because of me anymore.


“Aww, she’s crying. Little baby upset about the big bad book.”

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