Ishq Ki Ijaazat – Let Love Be my Right by Satyanshu & Devanshu Singh

As of lately, India has had a er… quite “dynamic” back and forth in terms of LGBT standings. Though not long ago, Hijras won the right to be legally recognized as a third gender in the country, there’s still this bit of problem when the Supreme Court went back to criminalizing homosexual relationships. But people have been fighting for their right to love~

Writer and filmmaker brothers Satyanshu and Devanshu Singh (who wrote the beautiful poems in Udaan) put together a beautiful (film) poem titled Ishq Ki Ijaazat – Let Love Be my Right, which features a voice-over by actress Huma Qureshi. Brownie points for Huma!

For this and Dedh Ishqiya ;)

Transcript of the English subtitles after the break~

Let Love be my right,
No longer a crime.
Accept us as your own,
It’s the call of our times.

Perhaps He has answers
Who made us as one,
Yet of different hues
Are our passions spun.

And you deride us,
Of nature we ain’t,
For you are the masses
And our numbers faint,
So we’ll barter for Love,
Your Gods and your saints.

The passage of ages drips
Painted with our pleas,
But you did not relent
The slander never ceased,
You who want to change us,
Answer us please,
Where is the justice
In your blind reproval?

In fear-drapeed cocoons
Hidden we’ve lain,
Under archaic curtains
That color our pain.

Now banish these laws,
Unshackle these chains,
Now treat us as equals,
Embraced without blame.
Accept us as your own,
It’s the call of our times

When has Love played
By the rules of faith?
Or chained the helpless
And made caste its wraith?

Or stood bounded by borders,
Or the travails of age?
Then why are we singled
To be stopped by your rage?

This meeting of hearts,
Your blessings can tether,
You and we, all in Love
Celebrating together.
So accept us as yours,
It’s the need of the times.

Let Love be my right,
And no longer a crime.

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