Teasing Teaser of Tokyo Kazoku

Very Japanese Trailer of you, Tokyo Kazoku xD

Though, no sign of Yu-chan.

I mean, it makes sense it’s only like 10 seconds of actual footage xD the film began shooting just short of two months ago. We still got a long wait ahead of us… Having said that, I think my Japanese drama language will work out for me with this one, so I just have to wait for a DVD and not actual subtitles xD

Has anyone noticed that there’s so many un-subbed Japanese movies as of lately? Like, every time there’s a movie worth-watching~ SORRY, NO SUBS! And since the dismissal of upload sites, there’s been a lot of non-fansub activity.

Are all you fansubbers hiding from me???

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  1. yeah you’re right, it’s nearly impossible to appreciate recent Jmovies unless one masters the language, grrr :(

    • I don’t think I watched more than 10 Jmovies last year, which is down by 50% from 2010. xD I don’t think I watched any of the acclaimed movies either…

      2012 is more than half done, and I haven’t watched any Jmovies T_T

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