Dear America Television, Middle Fingers Up in the Air!

July 27, 2012 — 3 Comments

Dear, America Television — aka. Canal 4

Next time you plan to bid for the Olympics~ Please, don’t.

I know I had my issues with you and your coverage of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. But I thought you were just effing around with me because they were the Winter Olympics. Peruvians wouldn’t possibly CARE for WINTER WITH SNOW. Right? So I didn’t think you could do an even WORSE coverage of the London 2012 Summer Olympics.

I mean, I know I thought your promotion for the Olympics was more like some ass-kissing to your Canal 4, showcasing your so-called team (to call it a “so-called team” is even an insult to so-called teams) to cover the games, instead of focusing all your attention on the athletes and the sporting spirit.

You just basically denied the whole country of the Olympic broadcast because you didn’t let ATV do it for you like they did with Beijing [1] [2]. It’s not like I care about your sports commentators (who are idiots), but cutting the Opening Ceremony broadcast right before they were about to light the Olympic Cauldron — which is THE moment the Olympics are about. Canal 4 America Television just cut the broadcast to show your mind-melting trash television, Esto es Guerra.


America Television, you guys, should be ashamed of yourselves.

PS.: F*ck, Danny Boyle too. Your ceremony was atrocious (except when they lit the Olympic cauldron, which America Television didn’t show hahahaha).

3 responses to Dear America Television, Middle Fingers Up in the Air!

  1. Amy your blog was more entertaining than the whole dull 4 plus hour ceremony ,As an ex pat the land of my birth made me feel embarrassed with this silly self congratulatory ass kissing crap .
    The musical tribute to 40 years of Brit music was actually painful (notice they bypassed punk when they got to the 70’s ).

    Danny Boyle should find the nearest rock and crawl under it .

    Beckham as a Bond type figure in a speed boat come on …the man cried when he was omitted from the Team GB Soccer Team after months of shamelessly using the media to try and force himself into a place …besides being a total embarrassment to the sport he has a voice like a dog whistle .

    • I agree on the dog-whistle comment. xD

      The Brit music sequence wouldn’t have been as bad if it hadn’t been the Olympics. I did comment on it saying it was like an over-budget Dancing with the Stars episode.

      But yeah, it was a pretty boring show, I just can’t believe there were people that actually thought that was somehow… “cinematic”. It’s like they haven’t even bother to see clips of the Beijing Olympics. Or even clips of the Vancouver opening show. LOL

      I couldn’t believe how secretive Boyle was over this, he should stick to over-edited movies, and leave live events alone for the rest of his life.

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