Beijing Olympics – Opening 2008

August 8, 2008 — 8 Comments

OMG, Are you watching? Countries are showing up at the moment. I woke up at 6.30am to watch at 7am. And did the Chinese disappoint? No, they didn’t~~ The Chinese did not disappoint with their first hour. All orchestrated by Zhang Yimou, it was the stuff (suck it up, Spielberg… suck it up.) – Yes, love Zhang Yimou’s visual style… flying performers, lights~~~ LOTS of lights, people with lights on their clothes, projections… human-Chinese-painting…. that was amazing!!! The loads of drummers, the dancers, the giant canvas… the representation of the Road of Silk, the calligraphy, the Taichi demonstration with the uber cool banners with digital displays in synched with the movements of the choreography. The human Bird’s Nest stadium surrounding Lang Lang… the stuff~~

If I find a digital file, will do captures~~~ *EDIT* (12.36pm) video should hit the net soon~~~

And the rumors of Jay Chou with Celine Dion? Dunno… I was super surprised to see Sarah Brightman and Chinese singer Liu Huan singing You and Me. Maybe Jay and Celine will sing later on. We will see~~

Could you have imagined a duet between Sarah Brightman and Faye Wong??? Orgasmic performance of eclectic energy that would’ve been, would’ve taken you to the Ether~~~ Sarah Brightman singing was the hotness, she looks so young, and her voice was so powerful. And was she singing in Chinese? *scribble: must find lyrics and song*.

Word has it that Brightman is the sole international star performing in the event, so that would mean Celine and Jay was just a rumor, or that Jay will be holding it on his own.

Stay tuned.

Holy crap! Did you see???? Did you see the final race for the Olympic flame????? DId you see the digital projection of the race above all?????? How awesome was the igniting of the flame? Like a super gigantic firework *WOOSH* and then all the fireworks.

China delivered, China was the shit to watch today. Craziest, fanciest, exhuberant Olympic Opening EVER. Art, art, art, art *SWOON* – Now… London’s got tough competition. LOL Beijing Olympics are just beginning, but will London deliver next????? Could they deliver more?

I found photos! Nifty photos than the ones being used by the press~ xD
Thanks to

Beijing Olympics - Flying Dancer

A Dancer Flying xD

Beijing Olympics - Giant scroll transforms into a fluid array of movable type blocks

Giant scroll transforms into a fluid array of movable type blocks that form three variations of the character 和 (harmony), representing the second great Chinese invention: The Press

Beijing Olympics - 3000 Disciples of Confucius recite excerpts from the Analects

Han Dynasty-era performers representing the 3000 Disciples of Confucius recite excerpts from the Analects.

Procession of colours and dancers in electronic lighting costumes, symbolizing modern-day China

Procession of colours and dancers in electronic lighting costumes, symbolizing modern-day China.

More modern China

Giant electronic scroll, showing some more modern China

Astronaut - symbolizing modern space exploration

Astronaut – symbolizing modern space exploration.

Blue ball representing earth, which transforms into a Chinese red lantern

Earth digital display, with hovering performers.

*EDIT* More photographs at
More MORE photos at

8 responses to Beijing Olympics – Opening 2008

  1. The western world can go to hell for all i care….

    All that nonsense about human rights abuses, Tibet and blah blah is nothing but an effort to somehow put down china.

    You can not ignore the voice and heart beat of 1.6 Billion beating with the Olympic Spirit. The ceremony is Phenomenal!!!!

    GO CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. wow for the pics!!!
    Dame un link pa ver el opening en video… tengo q chambear… me perdi el openning… buuuu

  3. Horrible~~~
    NBC estara pasando el Opening recien a las 8pm, asi q miralo por la TV. Hablando de SUPER delayed~

  4. Wahaha Yeah!!!! Though I am in China, it was a quite night in Guangzhou and was glad to stay home watching live with air con. Can’t imagine how they got through with +30 degrees celsius. Stayed til 12:00 am watching the whole thing, first 2 hours were phenomenal… then for the part “entrance of the 204 olympic delegations from n countries” Gosh… was like eternity and really quite a mess… Honestly, I think that placing the countries order of appearance by number of strokes, according to chinese culture, was somehow confusing and messy. I had to wait soooo long for the peruvian delegation to get on stage… XDXDXDXD

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