How can one hate on Ashida Mana-chan?

December 27, 2011 — 2 Comments

She’s like… the cutest thing EVER. She was even cuter in this 30sec commercial when she was super tiny. OMG, I just wanna squish her little face on that hahahaha.

And she’s SUCH a great actress. You just gotta watch her break YOU down on Mother. At a drop of a dime, she’ll break your heart and make you cry. She is, obviously, since then the biggest (child) actor/idol EVER. She’s done tons of commercials, sponsors, small roles on films, headed her own television dramas, guested on several talk shows, headed her own talk show or whatever…

Whatever idols do, I think she’s done it. I have no idea what she does for schooling and I hope she’s getting enough sleep, because I swear that girl is the most hard-working idol in showbiz at the moment. She’s got the super catchy Maru Maru Mori Mori [MV] song, and did Gyu Gyu alongside her pretty successful debut album.

How can you resist her in this dance version of SUTEKIna Nichi youbi ~Gyu Gyu (ステキな日曜日 ~Gyu Gyu グッデイ!~):

[iframe src=”” width=”480″ height=”334″]

2 responses to How can one hate on Ashida Mana-chan?

  1. Who is hating on her? WHO DARES HATE ON SUCH A CUTE CREATURE?

    • I’ve been on a Mana-chan YouTube-binge because I just can’t help but giggle when she giggles. And she’s such a huge KARA fan LOL I don’t like KARA hahaha but I love that she’s so into them being Korean haha. Some Korean show should invite her… some gameshow where she gets to meet KARA again for fun.

      Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of people not liking a lot of Mana-chan YT clips. Those crazy people! How can they dislike one of Mana-chan’s clips on YT! Even my dad and mom love her! My dad calls her chikitoi hahaha

      She even falls on stage so gracefully, giggly and waving back saying “konbanha” xD and when someone in Arashi asked her “daijoubu” she giggled again xD such a pro!

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