Meisa, what’s it gonna be?

December 26, 2011 — Leave a comment

Ahh… Meisa Kuroki — you know I have a soft spot for you? Somewhere deep in my brain there’s my subconscious telling me that you have potential. Then, the snarky part of me bursts out laughing when I see you in you music videos (and avoid your live performances)… and I swear I don’t mean to laugh. It’s just something that sort of happens.

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I wish Meisa would choose between music or acting — I do think she’s better suited for acting, as the music business is such a cut-throat one. However, if she must do both… I would wish she starts collaborating with artists outside the “regular” Jpop industry. I think she has international potential, but she needs some mentoring in the one-on-one interview department, which I totally think should be given by Hyori [1] [2].

Then there’s the dancing. If this is the way she wants to go with her music — as is the way of a Pop Princess [1] — I really think she needs to work on her dancing, and I think Kahi would be perfect to mentor Meisa.

It’s not like I think Kahi is an amazing solo artist [1], but her dancing is pretty great and would totally fit Meisa’s “sexy” style, which I think they are trying to pull off but are failing pretty badly. Obviously, Kahi has years of background dancing and this is why I think Meisa should pick one of the arts to master. I don’t think she’ll be able to do something mind-blowing if she’s doing both at the same time because she’s not putting in the same time as other people do.

But mentoring from Kahi in the dance department would help a lot, and I think After School has activities in Japan so it wouldn’t be “too” crazy for them to meet one day. Hyori is another business.

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