I Miss Music Like Brown Eyed Girls

Can I just say Abracadabra is super hot?

I listened to all of Brown Eyed Girls discography, minus singles… only albums, and maybe I did some minialbums. Can’t really recall, it’s been too much music lately. Anyway, from all the girl groups I’ve listened to lately… I liked them the best… dig their voices, and the raps somehow remind me of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez…

Man, she was the shitz~~

TLC killed it in the VMAs 1999. Man, those were the years…

RIP, Left Eye, RIP.

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  1. BEG is by far the best Korean group! Love them and cannot get enough of them, it is just too bad it took Abracadabra to make them famous, especially when the first song, on their first album, Second, is so good. Glad we agree on one group, and one singer.

  2. The first album was so good! Though, I dunno what their videos look like xD
    maybe it took Abracadabra to make them popular because the video is just hot.

  3. Well, the dance did go viral. I have friends who teach English in Korea and the girls would be doing the dance in school and the teachers were getting tired or seeing it. I really think it was the dance that did it because i am collecting their video’s and they are good, but they just don’t have the twisting hips.

  4. Oh, and a quick shout to JULZ. I agree that BOM doesn’t have a great voice. I think it is pleasant, but she has no power in it, like Maki of High and Mighty Color had, but they can’t get rid of her, because she is the second most popular singer in a female group, in Korea. They can get rid of Dara, but if BOM left then they would have to start over again.

  5. Hmm… I wonder where she is. I haven’t seen her around, she usually comments and she usually blogs when Junsu and Jae make headlines with new projects and videos… but she hasn’t commented on her blog either.

    But the dance is just swinging hips! LOL

    Korea is obsessed with sync dancing xD

    I wonder what happened to the music scene there when the Macarena came out.

  6. You are right that BEG is hot, but you need to see one of the live vids when all of the girls are in a line swing. Really so hot it will burn me. My fave BEG is Ga-in and she is so fierce in them. You really should look at more of the video’s.

    Oh, and I traded time Osaka Hamlet for the translators husband for Blue. So, I will time them after Japan, but don’t expect it until June.

    Oh, and going to Animax Musix in Tokyo to see Scandal and May’n. So, that is three days of concerts, so far.

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