Meisa Kuroki – One More Drama

Needle heels should be banned from choreographed music videos.

Having said that, damn. You know, say what you say KKK-ers — but when races mix correctly, it turns out hot. Meisa Kuroki is one hot mixed-race lady… but she can’t dance to save her life. I’ve never seen Meisa with normal shoes dancing, so I can’t say how she dances normally… but I remember her stint with Flamenco, and she got no swing.

But she’s got a good vibe…

I want to root for her.

But as with LOL, I keep bursting out laughing with this. Even though I kinda liked her Spanish-y guitar intro. I also liked how they did the one eye with different color thing.

[iframe src=”” width=”480″ height=”334″]

I still think she needs to get together with Hyori for a collab ;D

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  1. ¿Qué es esto?

    • @GD, jajaja – no?

      Como te explico… mi extrana fascinacion con Kuroki comenzo desde esa vez q Koji Yakusho – en esas epocas 54 – le dijo a Meisa ( en su cara pelada) q le gustaria q interprete a su amante en una pelicula. Ella, sin pelos en la lengua, le contesto q estan mas aptos a interpretar padre/hija.

      So… I was impressed. Y asi comenzo la historia de Meisa en este blog xD

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