2NE1, I’m taking your word for it~

Well, congratulations, girls for being crowned Best — freaking — New Band in the World. [1]

I am now waiting for you down here for a small concert a la acoustic style. ;)

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  1. Depends on what your standard of best is. I am in Korean music phase and have spent the last two days listening to a lot of 2NE1 and they are certainly a great, and I can see why won. They might not be the best to you, but they are to the viewers of MTV. Now back to listening to 2NE1.

    • I think I’m being misunderstood here. I like 2ne1, Bill. I’m ecstatic they won! I’m just saying I’m taking their word on not minding playing small gigs, and consider they have fans in south america. xD I want them to play a gig here… no matter how small the gig is – but i’m also aware that with a smaller gig prices will be higher… and chances to get tickets smaller considering how many kpop fans are down here.

      • LoL! Having looked at some of your posts I knew you hated autotune, I for the most part do too. Just depends on how it is used. And 2NE1 uses a lot of it. So, I assumed you must have hated them.

        I wonder if they have studied any Spanish. I know they have English, and Bom is basically a native English speaker so they will come to the US soon. Wonder if they will wait till they know some Spanish before they come to S.A.

        Now back to Milk@Coffee.

        • Actually, Latin American fans – or at least Peruvians – have shown a lot more openess in regards of language. There are fans who speak no English, yet their favorite bands are American or English.

          2NE1 (and Kpop in general, just published PERUVIAN FANDOM, SUBCULTURE, KPOP AND SMTOWN PERU)has a huge following here, and little of them have begun taking Korean classes, so the girls have no reasons to learn Spanish at all… except for the few “gracias” and “muchas gracias”.

        • As a general rule, I don’t like autotune. But 2NE1 is just too fun.

          • American’s, in general do not go for Asian music. Have you seen what we did to Jin? They are trying to hide the fact that he is Asian! I know 2NE1 is more popular in S.A. I am just wondering if they will go there if they cannot speak any Spanish.

            I hate autotune as well, if it is used to cover a bad voice, but I can put up with it, if is use for effect.

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