2NE1’s Triple Threat – Clap your Hands / Go Away / Can’t Nobody

Ahh, that’s how I like my commercial pop. Slick and spoon-fed to me. It’s super surprising to see 2NE1 releasing 3 singles at a time — with music videos and promotions. From this 3 singles and the early Try to Follow Me, I can guarantee passing marks for the album already without listening to it yet. xD

I have to admit, however, LOVED Clap your Hands as a song. Liked Go Away as a video, and by the third Can’t Nobody, I was beginning to feel tired… but by the middle of the song I was at it again. It’s something about these girls — how old are they anyway? They must be in their 15s it feels — having fun. It’s hilarious to see them playing around.

First impressions~

Clap your Hands, I must admit… gave me a bit of a reggaeton vibe (in the fake forest scene, what’s up with that? Came out of nowhere… xD That’s CL, right? Haven’t learned their names, ha!) – it’s the autotune, the instrumentation, and the whole production – but the fact that I can’t understand what they sing about, and they look completely adorable and cool at the same time, it makes me take in the song in a whole different way. It’s slightly disturbing seeing them saying “let me rock your body” while swinging their hips that way.

Go Away is a whole different fish.

It goes all music-vid-turned-short on me. And I kinda liked it. It’s only 6min. with dramatic interjections, which kinda gives you a weird OMG-Happy-but-Dramatic thing. For some strange reason it made me think of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dreams (is that what it’s called? xD). I was into the video, and really dig the accident… but the explosion? LOL, that totally ruined it for me. It looked really bad. The fire looked as it was hovering the car xD

But I really liked when they were garage-band performing xD

And then there’s Can’t Nobody.

Can’t nobody what? xD Hold us down! LOL – A little disturbing seeing Minzy doing that in that hallway xD, but then they dance, and it’s fun… so all it’s fine. xD

What do you think? Listened to the album? How about 3 single releases, huh? xD

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  1. Yeah, CL is the blond rapper in the green screen scene, Minzy has black hair, Bom now has bright red, and the one still needs to go. LoL! Really good video's.

    Oh, and I just noticed that they signed with AVEX, so I guess they are going to get a Japanese release. I wonder when that happened?

    • Avex probably has a deal that automates Japan crossover with YG xD I downloaded it, I just haven't foudn time to listen to anything I've downloaded xD

  2. Yeah, i googled it xD even more disturbing that Minzy is 16. LOL

    But yeah, a lot of autotune. I don't even know what their real voices sound like – one of the reasons I like BEG better… even with not as catchy songs – but still, the clapping makes me swing LOL

  3. lol, like I said I haven't had time to check out what I've been downloading xD

  4. hubo un articulo q decia q SNSD estaba entrando con fuerza LOL

    yo ya las encasille jajajaja. Pero el paquete esta muy bueno xD Yo no he escuchado Lucifer – bueno, el single no me gusto mucho jaja normal no mas – pero despues d tus comentarios y las d otras personas, facil lo escucho por ahi xD

  5. Es que las soshis son más guapas que las AKB48 y los japos se están emocionando. Veremos si llenan el Tokyo Dome.
    PD: Escucha A-Yo de SHINee.

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