30th Hong Kong Film Awards: Best Song

Let’s start off by saying that my Chinese/Hong Kong film viewing… isn’t, just isn’t. LOL Of all the nominees, I have only seen two. Hahaha, I’m a little ashamed of that considering I’ve seen over 120 movies last year. Though, there were 3 other films I wanted to watch before the nominations were announced: Love in a Puff, Gallants, Under The Hawthorn Tree, and Detective Dee ;D

And I’ve decided I should watch Reign of Assassins with my dad, and Hot Summer Days with my mom. LOL

Also, Tetsuya Nakashima’s Kokuhaku was crowned as Best Asian Film, beating the likes of Aftershocks and Monga.

Anyway, we’re here because of the Best Song category, which had the most artists I was familiar with, and we’re going to be looking at each of them and their respective songs~ First, the winner:

Jun Kung’s Here to Stay from Merry-Go Round

The lyrics are in simple English, and they tells us something. It’s a good song, but… I don’t know, doesn’t it feel rather – normal?

Faye Wong’s Virtues of the Silent Orchid from Confucius

I know I may be biased, but come ON! Poem put into song? My mind is blown away.

Jacky Cheung’s Hot Summer Days from Hot Summer Days

It’s written by Francis Lee xD Anyway, there’s this Latin theme that I find hilariously funny. One of the reasons why I decided to get to watch this with my mom, and I don’t even have any idea what the film is about!

Sa Dingding & Tsing-Fong Wu’s Floating Life of Swords and Rain from Reign of Assassins

You also know I have a bias for Sa Dingding, though I’m having trouble recognizing songs from songs, they are starting to sound awfully alike… though they still sound awesome. LOL

DD Lin’s Have a Good Life from Lover’s Discourse

And finally the last nominee~ the song is written by Mavis Fan xD so I’m slightly biased. Though DD Lin’s voice gives it a warm feeling, I can totally here Mavis’ voice in it. I mean, have you heard her sing? You Don’t Trust Me at All is just painful and beautiful.


You can check all the winners and nominees at LoveHKFilm.com

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