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March 15, 2011 — 5 Comments

At the moment of this post, there’s no link to a Yu Aoi Twitter account.

To be honest, I can’t remember how I ended up in this account @yuaoi85 – which you know, would make sense as a username. However, there are several things weird with the account.

The most obvious one is that is not a verified account, but very few outside Hollywood verify theirs… so I can pass that.

The second big one is that Yu doesn’t speak English. It is simple English, but out of 17 tweets – 6 are in English. – Plus, her latest tweet is a copy and paste of the message on her website.

Also, who is that account following. Docomo. Fine, she sponsors Docomo.

But why a Kardashian? Marie Claire? Elle?

It’s very random follows.

And the first tweet is about a football soccer match. LOL

Then again, if it is the actual account (you never know xD) – I need explanations. Why Kardashian!!??!?

Until her website is linked to a twitter account, we shall label all as fakes.

5 responses to Yu Aoi Twitter

  1. I had read tweets and blog posts from AkB48 idols, and other female idols, about soccer so that wouldn’t surprise me. Still account doesn’t seem quite right.

    • @wmcnair370, it’s the Kardashian following that throws most people off… and the ex-PM follow xD

      I also would think she’d follow other type of fashion considering how much she likes Comme des garcons, and other fashion stuff that she’s talked about. xD But then again, that’s me thinking I know her.

      She does need to explain the Kardashian follow though. LOL

  2. That is why I said the contents of her tweets wasn’t right. I think it was Hiromi, or possibly Nishino Kana who tweeted about taking two hours to walk home on the night of the quake, or Shibata Ayumi
    blogging about her recording session being postponed, or Tamai Anna sending out a late night blog post that it was snowing in Tokyo, and that she was going out with her GF’s to have a snowball fight. Those all sound like they are coming from the person. The content of Yu’s supposed tweets does not. Doesn’t matter who she is following, because it just can’t be Yu.

  3. Yu doesn’t speak English… I don’t think that’s her twitter account.
    I say… send her an e-mail …. “ohhhh Yu san… mmmm twitter no no no…twitter no no no Aji no moto! – Honda”!

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