Yu Aoi with a Daughter from the Future for Mitsui Fudosan

Yu Aoi is old enough to have a daughter… from the future for this latest CM.

For some reason, her daughter has her same hair-styled bun and that adorable fuzzy hairline that everyone loves. Otherwise~ good casting! Why need a dad when your kid looks just like the mom!


Also, I hope this doesn’t disappear because Japanese brands have this crazy idea that they can delete videos and accounts once the commercial’s season is over. No, people, these stay.

2 responses to Yu Aoi with a Daughter from the Future for Mitsui Fudosan

  1. Thanks for all of your updates on Yu-chan. You are the best (only?) news source out there! I really enjoy them.

    • I actually found out that the Yu Aoi fan Tumblr is posting much more — at least, pictures, so I feel a little sad about that xD

      But thank you for the comment. I’m always giddy to get lurking fans out of the shadows.

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