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October 25, 2010 — 3 Comments

I think this is the first time I post more than one review not of mine of a Yu Aoi film, maybe I’m getting better at finding info… or maybe more people are writing in English. Anyway, this second review of Raiou isn’t so kind either.

I haven’t been able to find Box Office info on whether Raiou opened at #1, or a had weak opening — being a Period Romance, it should open at #1 for various reasons. Anyway~ here’s an excerpt:

Although the charismatic Aoi Yu brings some sorely-needed life to the film with her portrayal of Rai/Yu, her counterpart Okada Masaki is never truly convincing as a man whose inner demons threaten to tear him apart.


I don’t think those comments will hurt the Okada Masaki fans, but let’s wait for those Box Office numbers~


Got numbers~ They’re not that good. Raiou opened at #8 ~

via Japan Now + Cinema Navi

3 responses to Screen Daily – Raiou Review

  1. Have you watched Raiou with sub?
    Yuu was, wow.
    Breath-taking. I’ve never seen any film that explores almost all of her emotions like Raiou (mostly because Yuu takes on a lot of supporting roles :( She needs more main roles!)
    Okada Masaki’s acting was unbearably weak, but his character’s lack of depth doesn’t help either. I’ve seen him in other works, he was more suitable to films like Tennen kokekkou, but watching him here was just torture, especially compared to the energy Rai gives off.

    • @HHND, :)

      Yes. Yes, I did. I really liked her performance (but maybe we are a bit biased xD), and like you I found Okada Masaki incredibly dull (he was alrite in films like Honokaa Boy or Pierrot). I also partly blame it on the structure of the film. Perhaps her best scenes were with her pseudo-dad.

      I really dislike… probably the last 10min of the film, wish it would have ended with Yu riding off after their parting. Sighs… I’m probably buying it, though, when it comes out in Hong Kong with subs. I’m still hoping for a One Million Yen Girl HK DVD release…

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