Raiou Un-official Snap?

March 29, 2010 — 13 Comments

Well, I was expecting Masaki Okada with that hairstyle… but wasn’t expecting to see Yu so normal… How she manages to look good in rags still surprises me. I mean, she does look adorable in this snap. Her face is going to be flawless on screen…

And… I’m to lazy to try to figure out what this article is talking about.

All I wanna do is see Yu horseback riding =D

13 responses to Raiou Un-official Snap?

  1. “Aoi will play Yu, a girl who has been living deep in the mountains since being kidnapped at a young age.”

    -Not really what I was expecting either. It just looks like Yu’s character is poor, not that she’s been living on her own and in the mountains. I was hoping for a more savage look!

    Anyways, Yu looks adorable as always and that is one beautiful white horse! Not feeling that hairstyle on Okada though!

  2. it’s because it’s a total semi-bald cap xD
    he should’ve owned it, and get the haircut… LOL

    I wanted to see her like Sapsorrow.
    And growl.

    And the white horse! I’m not an animal-loving person, but the horse looks amazing!

  3. it’s just some promo shot or something from the making of… maybe in the movie she’ll have mud and blood all over her face after she trashed a bunch of thugs who were trying to steal her village corn crop (or rice, maybe?) :)

    still, one the most beautiful smiles on earth

  4. Savage!BadassYu xD

  5. Gah her smile is so … Gah! I have no words.

  6. Yes you do, you want to squish her, like me. I just want to give her a big hug.

  7. wow, this place… is like YuGroupHug xD

  8. *joins the Aoi group hug*

  9. Let’s group squish her!

  10. Yu-chan just read this, laughed a bit and thought to herself “hentai ne~”
    ahh… “hentai” has such wrong intonation in English. xD

    Let’s just say… “weird ne~” xD

    Also, I just had a Buffy Season 4 FInale flashback.
    Acerk and nill are missing the hug!

  11. *glomp*

  12. *joins the Aoi group hug*

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