Uptown & Down by Mario Testino

October 18, 2010 — 2 Comments

You know I love Testino. You also know that I prefer his natural light photos, than his high-fashion work… but! There are times when it’s just too good, you know? Plus, it’s got some Carmen Kass!

slightly bigger and a few more shots over at Fashiontography.

2 responses to Uptown & Down by Mario Testino

  1. I'm going to go eat a few cheeseburgers for these girls…

    • you'll make them cry. LOL u know, when I was a little kid that didn't wanna eat her lunch, my aunt would sit me in the dinner table and not let me move until I finish my lunch. And I had to eat it with chopsticks on a plate… as a 5-year-old that was… just tough. LOL

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