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You know I love Testino. You also know that I prefer his natural light photos, than his high-fashion work… but! There are times when it’s just too good, you know? Plus, it’s got some Carmen Kass!

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Geez, I know. I know. Not much activity over there, but I’ve cut down on the fanlistings. But still! Happy 3rd anniversary to the Alluringly Bewitching site. In memory of that site, I decided to read a bit about Kahlen Rondot to get up to date~

When the site first opened, Cycle 4 had just finished showing in some parts of Asia, so it was flooded by visits from the zone. Now it’s diminished… so what’s up with Kahlen?

Since I don’t log in MySpace often, I can’t really tell you if she’s updated anything. Apparently, she is still working as a bartender in NYC, and couldn’t get a contract despite being one of the most loved ANTM runner-ups in ANTM history… but then again, I haven’t really seen ANTM, but my cousin keeps me posted. LOL – he probably wants me to look for ANTM photoshoots on hi-res and post. xD

One of the reasons for the struggle to get a contract was that she looks too much like Carmen Kass, which doesn’t really bother me. Carmen Kass has a kick-ass face.

My advice to Kahlen? Go to Asia. Loads of ANTM people having a fun time there. And you’re loved there.

Since there aren’t any new Kahlen photos, here’s a batch of kick-ass Carmen Kass~~~

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Tsk, Tsk~ Photoshop…

August 17, 2009 — 2 Comments

I am a geek!
I use Photoshop like crazy.

Nowadays, I take loads more photographs than my student days, but to be honest, I hate re-touching photographs to get rid of wrinkles… or how I like to call them, expression lines.

I love funny faces, big smiles… but then again, I also delete minor things like distracting marks (if it’s too distracting) and choose over-exposed for light purposes, as well as soft light to decrease the hard shadows that make wrinkles pop out~ after all, women don’t like to see their wrinkles

black and white also works wonders~

one of the reasons why I love this photo of Heidi Klum, though this photo of Marion Cotillard is also a good one of a different type~ and just for the sake of crazy good looking faces, here’s Carmen Kass.

and Greta Garbo during her 1945 days~ I’ll love you forever, Greta xD

Anyway, what’s up with this post you say?

Well, photographer Peter Lindbergh speaks a bit about on this article by The New York Times – Smile and “Say No Photoshop” –  and I have some pics to illustrate his views… of not-retouched models! *legasp!*

“My feeling is that for years now it has taken a much too big part in how women are being visually defined today,” Mr. Lindbergh said in an e-mail exchange. “Heartless retouching,” he wrote, “should not be the chosen tool to represent women in the beginning of this century.”

Cindy Crawford by Peter Lindbergh

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Quiet Room ni Youkoso - Cast - Yu Aoi, Yuki UchidaWatching Welcome to the Quiet Room, and listening to Yu Aoi’s Miki character telling Asuka she doesn’t eat because whatever she eats means that someone else more worthy doesn’t get to eat it, totally left me cold. I wondered what was the situation of eating disorders in Asia, since it’s ‘common knowledge’ that Asians are genetically skinny.

*sighs* I ended up reading quite a few articles dealing with the issue as far back as 1999 until this year. Throughout all of them, there is  an emphasis on cases on bi-racial young women, or women living in a bi-cultural environment. Taking the example of Chinese-American or British-Chinese women who weren’t as self-conscious about their weight living on this side of the world, but would get ‘picked on’ back in Asia because they tend to be ‘bigger’.

But I wasn’t too interested in those particular cases, I was trying to find how common are these eating disorder cases in other cultures, particularly Asia. I always thought Asians were thin naturally… always thought they’re skinny and love food. That’s what I’ve always seen in my family. It’s also noted on many of the articles that this value for food comes from the terrible years of starvation they went through in countries like China, India, Cambodia… even Peru where there still exists malnourishment. It is a crime to not eat, when there’s people who have nothing to eat. Yes, that’s why Quiet Room totally freaked me out… it was the first time I had heard that reason~~~ So there are eating disorders much more complicated than the “I want to be thin” one, for bi-cultural people is the “I want to be white”, for others it’s the sense of taking control over their lives…

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