Big Bang – Beautiful Hangover

I still think Big Bang should stop singing in Japanese, but their funny pronunciation didn’t bother me as much this time around. The video is alright — with all those circles on the wall — and there was a bit too much autotune on Seungri, Taeyang and G-Dragon’s voices (big surprise!). It’s a pity even Daesung has to use it, when he has a perfectly fine voice. But dude, that hair split in the middles has got to go!

TOP, baby, you’re alright. LOL I’m not even sure if you did your rap in English, Korean or Japanese. I don’t think I care, you sounded and looked good on the video. LOL

G – I want your glass-less glasses.

3 responses to Big Bang – Beautiful Hangover

  1. Cuando es BB no me importa si utliza mucho autotune. El video (+ ó -). Daesung tiene un lindo corte y le queda muy bien, TOP muy rehabilitado, Taeyang con mucha ropa, GD que se aleje de esa tipa.
    PD: Seungri es menor de edad y ¿la botella?

  2. ¡PLOP! Hasta donde yo sé, Seungri no firmó un contrato para promocionar una cerveza en Japón porque era menor de edad.

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