Just Discovered! Oreskaband!

Thank you, J-Melo – The Oreskaband performance was pretty awesome.

I was zapping, when their sound caught my ear, so I went back to NHK. They sounded like Gwen Stefani had gotten together with the guys of Reel Big Fish, had some extra fun with Swing Girls, and ended up with a lovechild in Oreskaband.

And I’m always game for some Ska. And, OMG PAPAYA! I totally kept hearing “Papa Para Papaya” which in Spanish means “Dad for Papaya” LOL but I think the lyrics go “Papaya ga suki da Papaya” LOL and in their “Shake it up, baby” I keep hearing “Shaking a baby” which is even funnier.


And here goes some old school Gwen Stefani with No Doubt~

with some Reel Big Fish~

and finally the girls from Swing Girls ;P

now, tell me if that doesn’t add up to the girls from Oreskaband?


2 responses to Just Discovered! Oreskaband!

  1. I have been listening to them for like a year, but I do not love them how I should. They are so freaking osm! But alas, kpop always cockblock me with something…

  2. aha… always you, and your upping me on music xD
    will check out Yum!Yum soon enough.

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