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April 7, 2011 — 3 Comments

I know it’s pretty late, but I guess that I always put the list off because there was always that “haven’t listened to that yet” issue. I will be probably adding 2010 stuff later on, but it won’t hurt to put my top rated songs — according to iTunes and iPod numbers.

Surprisingly, or not surprisingly… the majority of top-rated songs that are equal or greater than 5 stars are Asian artists with their Asian songs and albums. LOL As you know, I’m trying to mix everything up with languages, so I’m also trying to pick one song per artist xD

I hope you like this compilation, there are links to preview the tracks… and also links to buy the albums via affiliate programs, so if you like anything – please support this blog (or YAM)

Here we go~

  1. Tokyo Jihen (東京事変) – 天国へようこそ (Tengoku he Youkoso) – Welcome to Paradise
    For the record, I think the live version of the song is even better than the single version. Though titled in Japanese, the song is actually in English… so it mixes amazing stuff. Japanese + understandable lyrics with Japanese flare + Tokyo Jihen music + loads of Shiina Ringo. Even if we wanted to create a western version of Tokyo Jihen, it wouldn’t sound as good as this ;DThe song is simple, but really REALLY moody… and kinda spooky with lyrics such as “I’m gonna suck and drink your life right from you.” LOL The song was specifically written for the Satoshi Miki mystery drama Atami no Sousakan, which is really fitting. (Xiami preview)
  2. Jónsi – Boy Lilikoi
    The forever young Sigur Ros vocalist is visual and light, creating a perfect blend of energetic but meaningful — though hard to get — lyrics. What the heck is a Lilikoi, no freaking idea. But boy is this song happy and sad all at the same time.His blend of music makes me feel like one of the Lost Boys (but a girl) in Neverland, and reminds me of Peter Pan looking at the boys when they finally went their way to the Darling’s home, leaving poor Pan alone. (Xiami preview)
  3. Lee Hom Wang (王力宏) – 柴米油鹽醬醋茶 (Chai Mi You Yan Jiang Cu Cha) – Daily Necessities
    When the video came out, my reaction to it was good. However, I didn’t know how much I would like the song after translations. The fact that the name of the song, which literally translates to “firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tear,” can be translated to Daily Necessities blows me away, LOLIts simplicity is what works the best for the song. (Xiami preview)
  4. Sa Ding Ding (萨顶顶) – 自由行走的花 (Zi You Xing Zou de Hua) – Hua
    Can I just say that Sa Dingding blows me away? Not just because she sings in Mandarin, Sanskrit, Tibetan… and HER OWN LANGUAGE, but because she makes a pretty awesome blend of electronic music and really REALLY Chinese music. (Xiami preview)I got the chance to see an interview with her, and her presentation wasn’t that good… but wow, her freaking album blows my mind away at how good it sounds. I really don’t understand this song translations though xD
  5. DIRTY PROJECTORS + BJöRK – When the World Comes to an End
    Dirty Projectors’ album Bitte Orca is out of this world… Bjork is completely alien xD, so when these two come together for a good cause, can’t help but listen. (Xiami preview)
  6. Yuguo (羽果) – 跳完这支舞吧,我的恋人 (Tiao Wan Zhe Zhi Wu Ba, Wo de Lian Ren) – Dance through the Week, My Love (X)
  7. Salyu – LIBERTY (X)
  8. Maika (舞花) – Never Never Never give up (X)
  9. Jing Chang (張蕓京) – 壞了 (Huai Le) – Broken (X)
  10. Hanson – Kiss Me When You Come Home (X)
  11. Julieta Venegas – Debajo de mi Lengua (X)
  12. Bibi Zhou (周筆暢) – I Miss U Missing Me (X)
  13. Monkey Majik – FOREVER (X)
  14. Mika Nakashima (中島美嘉) – 一番綺麗な私を (Ichiban Kirei na Watashi o) – The Most Beautiful Me (X)
  15. Tété – Le Bal des Boulets (X)
  16. Milk@Coffee (牛奶@咖啡) – 没时间 (Mei Shi Jian) – No Time (X)
  17. Linkin Park – The Catalyst (X)
  18. Macy Gray – Kissed It featuring Velvet Revolver (X)
  19. Bang Bang Tang (棒棒糖) – 我最爱缺陷男 (Wo Zui Ai Que Xian Nan) – My Favorite Male Defects (X)
  20. GD (GD&TOP) – 어쩌란 말이냐? (Eojjeolan Mal-inya?) – What Do You Want me to Do? (X)
  21. Los Campesinos! – This is a Flag. There is no Wind. (X)
  22. Kate Nash – Later On (X)
  23. Vampire Weekend – Horchata (X)
  24. 2NE1 – 박수 쳐 (Baksu Chyeo) – Clap your Hands (X)
  25. Sleigh Bells – Tell ‘Em (X)

So that’s it. I hope there’s enough variety xD

For the record, my favorite albums of 2010 were…

  • Ayaka (絢香) – MTV Unplugged (YesAsia)
  • Hanson – Shout it Out (
  • Jónsi – Go (
  • Julieta Venegas – Otra Cosa (
  • Kate Nash – My Best Friend Is You (
  • LaLa Hsu (徐佳瑩) – Limits (極限) (YesAsia)
  • Maika (舞花) – possible (YesAsia)
  • Milk@ Coffee (牛奶@咖啡) – Give You a Little Color (给你点儿颜色)
  • Sa Dingding (萨顶顶) – Harmony (天地合) (YesAsia)
  • Salyu – MAIDEN VOYAGE (YesAsia)
  • Tété – Le Premier Clair de l’Aube (YesAsia)
  • Tokyo Jihen (東京事変) – Sports (スポーツ) (YesAsia)
  • Yuguo (羽果) – Those Words I Want to Say to You EP (那些我想对你说的话)

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