Namie Amuro vs. Janet Jackson – FIGHT!

So you know I don’t worship Janet Jackson. Okay, maybe a little.

Okay, now that THAT is out of the way. I was reading that Namie Amuro topped the random polls of “female singer with the best dancing skills“, ahead of BoA… who barely made the list. I thought to myself “Wow, she must really be something”. Because even if I don’t appreciate BoA for all her BoA-ness, I thought she totally killed it with her video of Eat You Up (even if the lyrics are pretty rubbish).

So this is my total non-biased opinion.

I YouTubed Namie Amuro, and  came up with THIS performance for Girl Talk, which has over 100k views. Totally NOT impressed with the dancing. But something else called my attention.

How similar-sounding is Amuro’s 2004 Girl Talk,

to the 2000 Janet Jackson single Doesn’t Really Matter.

Coz I’m not crazy, right? They sound very similar. But since I couldn’t find any reference to Amuro and Jackson regarding Girl Talk and Doesn’t Really Matter controversies~~~

Who does it better?

And for the sake of being equals~~~ Here’s Janet’s VMA performance.

As for Amuro over BoA? Major fail. But you are welcomed to leave a comment with a rocking dancing performance to prove me wrong.

4 responses to Namie Amuro vs. Janet Jackson – FIGHT!

  1. seriously… I couldn’t even find a video of her dancing live for more than 10 secs
    in the first place XD…. I saw some moves on her music videos… but to say she’s better than BoA…
    MEH. BoA dances so well live and she can still keep her tune singing…

  2. 02 – Goto Maki – Major FAIL [Live][Dance Shot Ver.][Dance Shot Ver. other song]
    03 – Muto Ayami – SO SO wrong she’s even judge next to sexy dances. [MV]
    04 – Nakamoto Suzuka – same group as #3
    05 – Fukuhara Haruka (Mine-chan) – No videos found
    06 – Yaguchi Mari – No videos found (but ” Yaguchi Mari drinks Alcohol” yes?) FAIL!
    07 – Shima Yuika – same group as #3 and #4
    08 – Takahashi Ai (Morning Musume) – one of the many? [Live] no stand-out
    09 – Koda Kumi – the only one who could maybe give BoA a run for her money on MVs, but not Live.

    Maybe the list is backwards.

  3. I think you should watch “toi et moi” from her “So Crazy tour” as well as “You’re my sunshine”, ” Please Smile Again” and “Put’ Em Up”. Namie Amuro is clearly a great dancer! She does great performances live! Girl Talk has a very simple choreography… WARNER, a choreographer said back in the days he never worked with such a great singer/dancer before Namie :

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