NaMi vs. Sunny – Round and Round Mash-up Fight!

I don’t think it’s a secret that I’ve watched Sunny a lot of times since I first saw it. However, besides catching me singing to Boney M’s Sunny [1] — which both my parents are also doing just because they caught it on the background and got stuck with the song.

Actually, I’m lying – my dad has seen Sunny three times already. He loves it.

Anyway, besides singing that… and Tuck & Patti’s Time After Time and all the other songs, I’ve gotten a knack for singing NaMi’s Round and Round (빙글 빙글) just because of that infectious “bingeul bingeul” in the song. LOL

Even better! There’s a wonderful old-school vs. Sunny version mash-up!

In any case…

Here’s the 1985 NaMi (나미) performance. She’s got loads of swag~

The recording session of the Sunny young cast~

And just for the sake of things, here’s the original audio version of the 1980s version.

FYI, the T-ARA version of the song they’ve just done is not as good because it lacks the fun of the original track. It’s like they suck it out from their version. LOL

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  1. Ok, officially my new jam! I really need to get my hands on the Sunny OST.

    Here is another bingul song that is quite addictive

    • bingeul bingeul is my korean word of the year. LOL I posted links of the songs of the Sunny OST on my review. But only the korean songs with YT links.

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