Yu Aoi for Shiseido Shampoo – Tsubaki CM + Photos

I wasn’t gonna post this CM, but Yu’s blog was updated with a couple snaps from it. Why so important? Because it’s Yu in trousers, shirt and a tie, and such very long hair.

Seems a waste to have her only for a few frames on this CM. LOL

but then again, I’m biased.

Also, I know guys love silky long hair… so you can’t get better than Yu Aoi’s hair for a shampoo commercial. Shampoo Commercial Hair is surreal.

photos after the break



5 responses to Yu Aoi for Shiseido Shampoo – Tsubaki CM + Photos

  1. Nice. Two out of my Top 5 lists of favorite actress, and Aoi Yu. I almost wish they would leave the commercials in when they record a dorama.

  2. Hi, Bill!
    keyword “almost” right?
    I wish they didn’t delete CMs from YouTube.
    I really don’t see the problem with posting CMs.

  3. The best part of the music shows are seeing the commercials. I remember when I watched Akai Ito that the Pocky ads were left in with Junpei, Nao and Nanami. Loved them. I guess if it is a CM with someone I like than I want to see it, but it it isn’t, then it has got to go

  4. I loved the Pocky CMs
    and the whole Anata mo Watashi mo Pocky!
    Plus, I do love Pocky.

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