Cute Envelope Messenger Bag!

October 29, 2009 — 3 Comments

Designed in Taiwan by 25togo,
look at this cute bag. LOL The Kidult way!
Only around 28 bucks~~~
**I screwed up my math. according to their email it’s $110 per bag.
Conversion rate is around 6 or 7 Yuan per dollar.
I just emailed them to see if they ship international.


Kidult is a word composed by kid and adult. It is an advertisers’ creation, for they are the ones who often invent new expressions to indicate groups of people. Kidults are adults who still take care of their child side, that is, their need to have fun, publicly and without fear.

I buy some toys, like fun stuff, watch (sometimes) Cartoon Network and keep updated with cartoons. I buy character t-shirts, and games (still no one to play MAD GAB with), and a kid all around. xD

3 responses to Cute Envelope Messenger Bag!

  1. do they have it in another colour? Cus i ttly want one!
    Let’s be bag buddies!!!

  2. they have it on white and orange… yellow-y orange. I thought it was yellow, but they say it’s orange. LOL

  3. kind of like the yellow-y orange on the amazon logo.

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