Modernist Cuisine

December 7, 2011 — 2 Comments

This trailer is disgustingly beautiful.

And oh-they know it~

As a five-volume book + one extra notebook where all your useful recipes in the other five books are printed in the best type of paper so it doesn’t get messed up in the kitchen. Not for me, of course – for my uncle. It was such a tempting buy… oh, my god — those photos.

But reading the reviews… pfft – not the glowing ones that 5-star or 4-star rated this collection, but the one-star or 3-star reviews, as well as reading all the contents on that Modernist Cuisine website — I have decided this is not for my uncle. First, my mother (and everyone else) would kill me for making my uncle even more paranoid than he is…

Plus, I have a feeling my uncle would detest the first three volumes of this book:

  1. History & Fundamentals
  2. Techniques & Equipment
  3. Animals & Plants

If I could only buy Vol. 4 – Ingredients & Preparation, and Vol. 5 Plated-Dish Recipes, it would be an easier decision to get. Amazon has the book listed at $450 USD (28% less than the regular price) and regular international shipping is only $15 USD. SO TEMPTING.


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  1. Forget molecular cuisine, just eat some sloppy dish. Who’s going to wait 3-4-or-5 hrs. for their meat to cook that well. Time is money! And that food is expensive, so it’s double the money!

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