Chris Lee Sings with “Amor”

August 23, 2009 — Leave a comment


Forgive the cheese. And… Holy mother of #@^#@#&!!?!?

So many albums, so little time… so little money! xD

Also, this is a pimp post because it’s worth pimping!

I found Chris Lee’s newest album (her 4th) self-titled *digital?* album with 10 tracks. One of them (the first track, in fact) it’s called “Amor” xD – it kills me. Anyway… what am I pimping? Well, Chris Lee-dedicated WordPress site~ with everything from songs in Chinese, and translations… and everything Chris Lee/Li Yuchun. Because this “service” is to be admired because fans take the time and work to translate and to bring information updated~ It’s a lot of tough work considering I don’t really know how many non-Chinese speakers fans Li Yuchun has…

Any Chinese fans of Bibi who want to do it? xD

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