Are You Ready for The Chase?

October 11, 2008 — 2 Comments

Today ends the round of Marit Larsen postings, as Oct. 13th (eh… unlucky number!) marks the release of Marit’s sophomore album. Did you buy her debut? Under the Surface is one of my favorite albums, mustered by the pretty penny I paid to get it. LOL’

Anyway… if you were a bad blogger, or a bad internet user the past week and missed Marit’s music posting, I’m gonna have all the tracks to listen to until next week… so THIS POST will be modified on Sunday 19th. In the meantime, try to enjoy Marit’s music… though it’s a pretty crappy rip, but it’s good enough to savour it… and doesn’t spend much of my bandwith.

So here it is! Here it goes~~~ xD The Chase!!


1. The Chase (3.33)
2. If A Song Could Get Me you (3.30)
3. This Is Me, This Is You (4.07)
4. Ten Steps (3.31)
5. Steal My Heart (3.48)
6. Is It Love (4.51)
7. Fuel (2.07)
8. Addicted (3.43)
9. I’ve Heard Your Love Songs (3.38)
10. Fences (4.44)

2 responses to Are You Ready for The Chase?

  1. I shall see if I can get my hands on the album tomorrow seeing as I’m going to be rushing from job to job….
    Or else I get it on tuesday! Still nothing in the international sites??

  2. Just over to Europe~

    Actually, I’m ready for a brief comment on the album. I like it, not AS much as Under the Surface.

    Track by track, one a day… it was hard to enjoy. I mean, I liked the songs, but when I got to Track6 (Is It Love)… it was the track I least liked then. So the album sort of chilled in the ‘hot’ factor.

    However, now that I listen to it altogether, I think it works, you know? Looking at my iTunes rating… the album begins with a high note, sort of goes on a down and picks up again in Track4, goes down once again, and it ends with a high note. Weird~ I dunno if that was the intent, but my fave tracks were The Chase, Ten Steps and Fences. And Is It Love grew on me after listening to it with the other tracks… figured that one out.

    It is a very mellow album overall, and it’s missing the many more upbeat (as in faster songs, not emotionally upbeat) that UtS had… but maybe I miss that because I like country-ish and folksy tunes a whole lot more than most people who listen to pop.

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