Miss Universe 2009

August 23, 2009 — Leave a comment

To not lose custom… Miss Universe 2009 is on. Heidi Montag just lip-synched to one of her songs, and the Top15 has just been announced. Dean Cain (Superman), whatever you know about beauty contests?Same with the “real state agent” WTF – But woohoo! Valeria Mazza? xD But seriously… demotion on performers, judges and brand. tsk tsk.

Unlike the “rumors” online saying that Latinas and Asian women were favorite, over 10 of the 15 were white or from Europe. I’m favoring South Africa on the go, though I’m realistic and think her political/etc/etc chances are slim… but South Africa is the place for the World Cup, so who knows~

Miss USA always (at least it seems like that) makes it to Top5 even if they fall ass on floor while Night Gown Walking…

Will update when they announce the Top10, and/or something funny happens like Miss USA falling again this year [like in 2007][and 2008] because three times a charm.

Hmm… I’m not sure if the Top10 has been announced, but Kelly Rowland’s song is so boring. What happened to her? I would’ve chosen her over Beyonce any day back in the day, but geez~ second rate much? Anyway, just heard they’re about to announce Top5 LOL, as well as Miss Congeniality (awww Sandra Bullock xD) and Miss Photogenic.

Miss Congeniality~
Miss China (okay…)

Miss Photogenic
Miss Thailand (should’ve been Top15)

Miss Dominican Republic
Miss Australia
Miss Puerto Rico
Miss Venezuela
Miss Kosovo


Snap~ No Miss USA xD

Eh… Miss Australia kinda shut her coffin with that answer. After all, you gotta respect other cultures and their views on the way women and men should behave. If Muslims countries don’t support women in swim suits, you should respect that. Cultures should be respected.

LOL, Miss Venezuela has a really strong accent and it’s so phunny beckoning the translator with her head. tsk tsk – that’s kind of rude. You should never beckon someone to do something. No one ever taught you manners?

Miss Kosovo, you should say “mr. Timberlake is a bitch. Fame comes at a price, your paycheck of millions comes at a price. Please, Mr. Timberlake, stop bitching.” x’D

Off the program comments… This feels like the shortest contest yet the most boring, or is it me?

Miss Kosovo has a certain Audrey Hepburn air, but her answer was so generic and boring, not even world peace worthy, but can’t hardly blame it on her. The question was just so boring… why quote Justin? I’m sure he has commented on other stuff that could sound much more important…


4th Runner-up
Miss Puerto Rico

3th Runner-up
Miss Australia

2nd Runner-up
Miss Kosovo

Miss Dominican Republic

and the winner goes to Venezuela, another one for Chavez! Woohoo! LOL
Really, I mean it… Chavez must be happy. xD

Funny thing is… my mom said she’s ugly. xD Snap!

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