L Magazine: Yu Aoi and Stationery

June 4, 2009 — 9 Comments

To make up for the lame previous post, I found this Yu Aoi cover for L Magazine for January 2009.

Yu Aoi - L Magazine - Cover

Crap, she does look young there. I hate her. *laughs*

Weird photoshoot for an article “Stationery and People” LOL and the interview “Stationery and Aoi Yu” xD

Also, can hardly call this ‘scans’ – screencaps it is then! I dunno, the preview on the site makes it seem like the issue is only 400-something Yen, so I dunno where those 2,300 other Yen are coming from.

Yu Aoi - L Magazine

Yu Aoi - L Magazine

Yu Aoi - L Magazine

Yu Aoi - L Magazine

9 responses to L Magazine: Yu Aoi and Stationery

  1. かわいですよ

  2. Let’s discuss, nill~

    is saying “she’s cute” written different to “I think she’s cute”?

    I’ve been trying to figure that one out.

    kawaii desuyo… to however you would construct that sentence.

  3. um, some typo there (かわいい not かわい)… ごめん

    I’m just a beginner… I guess that for a sentence like “I think she’s cute” you need some additional words like とおもいます but I’m not sure !!!

  4. i thnk we need aoinohoho’s help.

    and why is everyone a “he”? Girls should really get better taste in female idols…

  5. Damn! Osen looks very young!!!!!

  6. she had dental braces to align teeth from 2008’s September~2008November (maybe)

  7. That’s a short time…
    would that timeline mean she went to Portugal during those months? xD

    Her teeth were pretty fine, though.

    hmm… when I was a kid, I wanted to be a dentist. *laughs* – then I had to get braces, and didn’t want to be one anymore.

    but I had horrible teeth…

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvgumLXcNPg
    sorry,My Japanese and English also poor :(
    I only tell you a complete report about this video
    you try to read it

  9. hehe, took me 1hr to ‘read’
    yeah, I noticed you’re from Taiwan x)
    I’m thinking of going there… do you happen to know any design/photography school? with English courses… haha

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