Mika Nakashima – Ichiban Kirei na Watashi wo

You’ll have to excuse my Japanese. Is the English translation “The Most Beautiful Me”? Okay, I had a listen to most of Nakashima’s discography, after I was totally team Nana xD She strikes me as a emotionless-goth sometimes, and then the other times she strikes me as a total emo. However, I kinda dig her music.

She sounds great on Ichiban Kirei na, and somehow with my understanding of the lyrics… they seemed kinda poetic. I mean, the kind of lyrics that I like from Asian songs in general. Like having to sing about “that time in winter” and stuff like that. I like it when songs talk about the seasons and the elements, hahaha.

I think this song is the theme for Unubore Deka.

[iframe src=”https://www.yinyuetai.com/video/player/60877/v_0.swf” width=”480″ height=”334″]

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  1. I finished waching Unubore Deka, this song is really beautiful. Nakashima Mika did great. Here the translation I’ve found:

    If I hadn’t met you that spring,
    Would I have seen the falling petals as nothing more than white?
    If we hadn’t spent that summer together,
    Would the fireworks have simply disappeared, leaving no trace of their shine?

    You were the one who held the most beautiful me
    Spending those precious seasons together must have been fate

    If I could go back to that fall,
    Would I have shown you even the tears I tried to hide?
    If I had believed you that winter,
    Would we be nestled close to each other, having come this far?

    You were the one who held the most beautiful me
    The memory of those unfading tears is what people call fate

    Do you think of me, too?
    And of the time we can never run back to?

    You were the one who held the most beautiful me
    On that day my heart was trembling, but now it’s overflowing

    You were the one who held the most beautiful me
    There must be more than love to these feelings that cross over time

    The most beautiful me

    Credit: http://www.kumonoito.net/ :D

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