Yu-chan’s October Message

November 4, 2011 — 7 Comments

Yu has updated her blog — I think she does it twice a year, ha! Apparently, she’s shooting the live-action Rurouni Kenshin project [1], which no one has shown interest in. Fans of Rurouni Kenshin who aren’t thrilled for a live-action project, and fans of some of the people that are working in the project like Yu-chan, Yosuke Eguchi and Teruyuki Kagawa aren’t happy because it’s Rurouni Kenshin xD

Time to practice Japanese!

I think my kanji-reading is wonk ever since I began my Chinese classes… I know more characters, I just don’t read them out loud in Japanese hahaha so it sounds like a mix of languages when I read.

There are a bunch of stuff that I had to figure out xD But as a whole, it’s about Yu being on the set of Rurouni Kenshin, which happens to be some of the same cast and/or staff from Ryomaden. She also talks about Hula Girls, or to be more specific… the real-life Hula Girls.

The real-life Hula Girls have been on tour trying to help Iwaki Prefecture once again after the Tohoku Earthquake, Tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear plant. They’ve made a documentary of it, and I think it was recently shown at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

The documentary, titled Fukushima Hula Girls, should be in theaters at the moment and has voice narration by Yu-chan. So there you go~ she then mentions the story of the Hawaiian center, which you should all be familiar with considering you probably met Yu through that movie.

I will later post my romaji and literal translation. xD

7 responses to Yu-chan’s October Message

  1. Hey Amy! Don’t know if you still remember me but I’ve missed reading your blog posts about Yu-chan! Sorry, I still haven’t gotten to translate the other videos that I said I would, life’s been busy and I lost track of them. Since things been settling down more now so just let me know if you ever want any translations and such, yeah? :)

    • Hey, Nina. Nice to have you back. xD It’s not like I’ve been too active on this blog either…

      We actually had a few blurbs and interviews…

      If it’s only listening, not read, interviews… we got 2 blurbs – one for the Shunji Iwai Fest and the other is a Minami he blurb.

      There’s also her (long) appearance with Masaki Okada in FujiTV, and her long Tetsuko’s room interview.

      We don’t need actual full transcripts, just highlights of the important bits. xD

      • I’ve managed to translate the Minami he blurb and her Tetsuko no Heya appearance! I think the link for Shunji Iwai Fest was broken and will be working on Kuwazugirai soon. I’ve watched it before but I keep forgetting how it went so gonna rewatch it again and write!

        • I will try to find the Shunji Iwai fest clip. They probably changed it or something.

          Btw, thank you for all these. I’m sure someone will be googling and stumble upon your translations. xD

  2. I was actually quite excited when I heard that they were making a live-action adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin (loved the manga, watched the anime, had the soundtrack playing on loop like a nut back in the days…) And then I saw what they did with Shinsengumi Peace Maker (granted, it was a low-budget midnight drama, but still) and I wound my enthusiasm down several notches. Let’s just say that it’s the kind of epic story that is going to be very difficult to capture in a two-hour film format.

    I had almost forgotten about it until I read here that Aoi Yu had been cast as Megumi. Hmm…I always pictured someone like Mizukawa Asami (at least features wise) in the role. I do like Aoi but I have no idea what to expect from this movie any longer. Let’s just say I’ll be going into it with extremely low/non-existent expectations!

    • So you did find my blog. hehe.

      I watched the anime and one or two of the OVAs, but I really don’t know enough of Rurouni Kenshin to make a judgement. As a general rule, popular anime adaptations never do well in live action though xD

      The only popular anime adaptation that Yu’s done (I think) is Mushishi, but fans of the show didn’t like the movie. I didn’t mind it much, but it was interesting enough to get me to watch the show ;O

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