Miss Universe 2008

July 13, 2008 — 1 Comment

Show just began. Many look different to their photos… many look better, but Miss Italy looked like rubbish, so I take back what I said in the previous post. I guess the costume makes all the difference in the introduction… Korea was cool with the sword. LOL. I’m sold on Korea. I’m sold on Thailand… I like the I’ll kick ur ass angle. xD Also… Mika in the background music, totally dig it, even if the contestants couldn’t dance well. LOL. Venezuela with the giant nose piercing, awesome. HA!

Top15 announcement after commercial break… who will it be?

Aww, the little Vietnamese kids should win.

Holy crap, Mori speaks crap English. I can’t remember that from last year… she must’ve put a lot of effort into speaking her lines last year~~

Moment of truth… Top15… as they are announced. Miss Venezuela (rubbish), Miss Kozovo,  Miss Mexico, Miss Vietnam (of course, hosting country), Miss South Africa, Miss Australia, Miss Japan, Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Italy, Miss Colombia, Miss Russia, Miss Hungary, Miss Czech Republic, Miss America (USA, OBVIOUSLY) and Miss Spain *barf*.

OMG, I called it! I called it last post!!

It’s all about the introduction, but since Vietnam is hosting… maybe they all go for Western.

Eat that! xD

Barf. Donald Trump Jr. – The only judges there should be Cavalli, and Jennifer Hawkins.  Sorry, I can’t seem to keep my sentences longer today, so forgive the Perez-Hilton-y style.

So who’s gonna be? My friend smells Kosovo (political, much?) – How about Colombia… I’m smelling Betancourt and FARC over here. Who’s ur pick?? Any political choice? I’m not digging anyone (Czech Republic is doing the bikini walk now, now USA), so I’m leaning towards Dominican Republic.

Evening gowns moment after commercials… and Top10. Will Venezuela make it? Venezuela hasn’t won since Chavez… Here comes Top10. Miss Kosovo, Miss Australia, Miss Spain, Miss Mexico, Miss Colombia, Miss America (of course), Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Russia, Miss Italy, Miss Venezuela. Le gasp! No Vietnam~~ WIll Kosovo’s first time will be a winning??

Will Jennifer Hawkins vote for Miss Australia?? Will political win over caucasian??? Kosovo delivers both… Kosovo’s first time, Kosovo caucasian, Kosovo political~~ Oh well, I’m off to eat so will stop LIVE BLOGGING until Top5 is announced or someone falls flat on their asses. xD

BUAHAHAHAHA. Miss America!! Again~~ FLAT ON THE ASS!! BAM! What’s the odd to have two Misses America falling on the same contest~ SNAP! Now the question is… will Miss America make it to the Top5 after falling like that?? Will she make it like last year???

Top5 will be announced soon. Miss Congeniality was Miss El Salvador, and Miss Thailand had the best national costume… Thailand was pretty kick ass in her custom, I guess more exotic than Miss Korea… but Miss Korea was rocking with her sword.

Here are the top5, Miss Colombia, Miss Venezuela, Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Mexico, Miss Russia. Wow, the Latins owned it in this one…

Oh man, I just had an Hola Mexico from Miss Japan moment. Will Miss Colombia make it?? Political, Latina… saying hello to Vietnam. Again, will Dominican Republic?? Miss Japan moment… lol, seal the deal. Aw, fuck again… Will Mexico win it?? From the most part, all of them were hesitant. Three of them (the latinas) sealed the deal with their Vietnamese greetings… Will air-head political Colombia win over mushy-Dominican??

Oh, man. This is getting long. Mel B is funny with her accent xD “the panel of ‘judges'” xD “hundreds of people”

Sayonara, Miss Universe 2007. INIPUC corazon~ Let’s all take classes in there to improve our English.

Who will win???? Fourth runner-up… Miss Mexico. Third runner-up is…. Miss Russia.
Second runner-up is… Miss Dominican Republic…
The winner… ? Will my political come true? LOL Miss Universe is Venezuela. LOL

Alright for Chavez! LOL

Miss America falling FLAT on her ass for the 2nd year in a row.
This time however, she didn’t make it to Top5.
I totally chocked on my rice, while having dinner.

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