IMDb Keeps on Removing Posts!

July 14, 2008 — 2 Comments

Does anyone know the criteria on how IMDb moderates their posts? Most importantly… its threads?

You see, I saw YPF over the weekend. Yes, dubious~~~ But I’m so gonna buy it! So there was this “talk dirty scene” with Carly Pope and Aaron Abrams from the segment “Friends” I knew the scene was in, but it still makes you burst out laughing.

Anyway, I went to the IMDb boards and someone created a thread about it over the weekend, so it was a surprise to visit and find that the thread has been completely wiped. Thoughts? Censoring, or spoilers?? The film is calle Young People Fucking, for dude’s sake!

IMDb - Threads Deletion

So I invite you to talk about the film (specifically the ‘talk dirty’ scene) in this post. Does anyone have the quote? LOL’

2 responses to IMDb Keeps on Removing Posts!

  1. Kris: Dont stammer with it, just say that shit with conviction. Come on.

    Matt: Im gonna flip you over and break my dick off in that naughty ass. And Im gonna get in there so deep, that it makes your breath smell like dick smell. And then Im gonna come in your dick-smelly mouth so hard, it shoots out your ass.

  2. ^ Thank you for that one. LOL
    That’s the quote by the way… in case anyone wonders.

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