Miss Universe Demotion?

July 13, 2008 — 3 Comments

I wasn’t gonna post about Miss Universe (or as I call it in Spanish, Miss Wequiverso) until the ceremony begun… like I did last year (Miss Wequiverso 2007). However, reading who is hosting made me go WTF. Jerry Springer, seriously???? I don’t have a problem with Mel B (aka. Scary Spice) hosting, but SERIOUSLY~~~ JERRY SPRINGER??

I remember when I was little that Miss Universe was the shit to watch on beauty pageants. It was a BIG BIG! deal to hear about Miss Universe, but throughout the years, I’ve seen a diminishing interest (or lack thereof) in it and its contestants. This year, for example, I wouldn’t even KNOW they were showing them tonight if I hadn’t been surfing channels and had stopped on TV Guide to check times on Friday. I didn’t even bother to look which country was hosting or who was hosting… so it was the big surprise to read JERRY SPRINGER today. I’m smelling cheap scandal~~ is anyone else expecting the baby’s daddy to come up to the stage and beat up any tranny Miss Universe? That would SO totally beat last year’s Miss America falling on her ass and still making the TopSomething list. Oh yeah, and the booing…

Man, I don’t even know who Peru sent as Miss Peru… or should I say Ass Miss Peru? Yes, most of them are assy, not coz they’ve got great asses, but because they make total asses of themselves. SWEET. xD – The only Miss Peru I’ve seen I’ve like was Marina Mora. Word.

So… we’ll see. Any predictions? People are smelling Asian domination. Remember last year? Everyone was Asian-ized. Almond-shaped eyes, light clear skin… you know, exoticly Asian. Miss Korea? It’s all about the introduction, but since Vietnam is hosting… maybe they all go for Western.


3 responses to Miss Universe Demotion?

  1. Top15 will be 3 Caribbean/African, 5 Asians, 3 Latins, 3 Europeans, and 1 American.
    Miss Japan looks like a Playboy Bunny.
    Many of them look anorexic… or if they are not, I can totally count their ribs in their photos.
    I saw a couple of Emo photos, hiding their faces. What’s up with that?
    A couple of them look tranny.
    Miss Italy looks okay, thought her traditional costume is horrible. Can we say generic?
    Miss Korea is okay… though in my opinion, generic.
    Same opinion of Panama… and Finland.

  2. It went like this… 6 Europeans, 1 American, 4 Latins, 2 Asians, 1 African, 1 Oceania (I’ll shove it with the Europeans, ha)

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