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Miss Universe 2009

August 23, 2009 — Leave a comment

To not lose custom… Miss Universe 2009 is on. Heidi Montag just lip-synched to one of her songs, and the Top15 has just been announced. Dean Cain (Superman), whatever you know about beauty contests?Same with the “real state agent” WTF – But woohoo! Valeria Mazza? xD But seriously… demotion on performers, judges and brand. tsk tsk.

Unlike the “rumors” online saying that Latinas and Asian women were favorite, over 10 of the 15 were white or from Europe. I’m favoring South Africa on the go, though I’m realistic and think her political/etc/etc chances are slim… but South Africa is the place for the World Cup, so who knows~

Miss USA always (at least it seems like that) makes it to Top5 even if they fall ass on floor while Night Gown Walking…

Will update when they announce the Top10, and/or something funny happens like Miss USA falling again this year [like in 2007][and 2008] because three times a charm.

Hmm… I’m not sure if the Top10 has been announced, but Kelly Rowland’s song is so boring. What happened to her? I would’ve chosen her over Beyonce any day back in the day, but geez~ second rate much? Anyway, just heard they’re about to announce Top5 LOL, as well as Miss Congeniality (awww Sandra Bullock xD) and Miss Photogenic.

Miss Congeniality~
Miss China (okay…)

Miss Photogenic
Miss Thailand (should’ve been Top15)

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Miss Universe 2008

July 13, 2008 — 1 Comment

Show just began. Many look different to their photos… many look better, but Miss Italy looked like rubbish, so I take back what I said in the previous post. I guess the costume makes all the difference in the introduction… Korea was cool with the sword. LOL. I’m sold on Korea. I’m sold on Thailand… I like the I’ll kick ur ass angle. xD Also… Mika in the background music, totally dig it, even if the contestants couldn’t dance well. LOL. Venezuela with the giant nose piercing, awesome. HA!

Top15 announcement after commercial break… who will it be?

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Miss Universe Demotion?

July 13, 2008 — 3 Comments

I wasn’t gonna post about Miss Universe (or as I call it in Spanish, Miss Wequiverso) until the ceremony begun… like I did last year (Miss Wequiverso 2007). However, reading who is hosting made me go WTF. Jerry Springer, seriously???? I don’t have a problem with Mel B (aka. Scary Spice) hosting, but SERIOUSLY~~~ JERRY SPRINGER??

I remember when I was little that Miss Universe was the shit to watch on beauty pageants. It was a BIG BIG! deal to hear about Miss Universe, but throughout the years, I’ve seen a diminishing interest (or lack thereof) in it and its contestants. This year, for example, I wouldn’t even KNOW they were showing them tonight if I hadn’t been surfing channels and had stopped on TV Guide to check times on Friday. I didn’t even bother to look which country was hosting or who was hosting… so it was the big surprise to read JERRY SPRINGER today. I’m smelling cheap scandal~~ is anyone else expecting the baby’s daddy to come up to the stage and beat up any tranny Miss Universe? That would SO totally beat last year’s Miss America falling on her ass and still making the TopSomething list. Oh yeah, and the booing…

Man, I don’t even know who Peru sent as Miss Peru… or should I say Ass Miss Peru? Yes, most of them are assy, not coz they’ve got great asses, but because they make total asses of themselves. SWEET. xD – The only Miss Peru I’ve seen I’ve like was Marina Mora. Word.

So… we’ll see. Any predictions? People are smelling Asian domination. Remember last year? Everyone was Asian-ized. Almond-shaped eyes, light clear skin… you know, exoticly Asian. Miss Korea? It’s all about the introduction, but since Vietnam is hosting… maybe they all go for Western.


Miss Universe 2007

May 28, 2007 — 3 Comments

What’s up with a Dallas sportsman, the Heroes guy, and all those judges in the panel for Miss Universe, lol.

I wonder which countries could be in top 15, if you had to vote without knowing the country of the candidates. Just… you know – throwing this out there, so it can be considered for the next one. xD – seriously, if you get a panel of judges who are American, they are probably going to vote for the US – and the hosting country will always get to at least top 5.

But, oh no! Imagine not knowing who the heck is the hosting country candidate… maybe she will not even be top 15. Now that’d be an interesting thing to watch.

So, Top 10 was announced, and no Europeans were in it. Noticing all the contestants, you could notice all countries have chosen clear skin, and the most noticeable was almond-shaped eyes, over big eyes… very Asian-like shapes, without being just lines. You could noticed that even in South American contestants. Europe, on the other hand, seemed to send contestants that were not that ‘exotic’ looking. It was odd. The first thing I thought was ‘Europe has not redefined their beauty’ – While there’s been a huge increase in Asian contestants… the funny thing was that I could hardly notice any difference between Japan and Korea… and even Thailand that made it to the Top 15.

Perhaps its my Western eye that can’t quite make the difference, or perhaps it’s because Asian countries have made their standards and are closely following them.

Okay, my theory is rubbish, at least the hosting country one. No Mexico in Top 5, and there’s too much booing right now, and I’ve got no idea why. My question to Venezuela – lol, what’s your opinion of what’s happening in your country right about… now? xD – – – Seriously, these questions are retarded. What would you choose, a wild spontaneous man, or a goody one? Superpowers, wtf? How about asking some really hard moral/ethical/logical thinkers like what’s your position on same sex marriage, what is your definition of family? – And… was Miss USA being booed? Lol, seriously – Miss USA shouldn’t have been there. Tripping over during competition should automatically kick you out.

Best moments:

  • Miss Japan on the country/candidate introduction.
  • Miss Korea saying she enjoyed photography, and the archive footage showing her taking herself a digital photo… Korean style.
  • Miss USA falling. The unexpected expected~~ xD

Lol, shit – Miss Japan won. That’s cool. Well, I called it!! Asian-like eyes… clear skin. She was ‘the one’ (lol, sorry… Matrix just began) – she was the one when she said “hola Mexico!” – oh you all knew it. That sealed the deal. You gotta admit.



Oh! I call it! Just a few seconds after transmission~~ this is a HEADLINE! xD