When You Think ‘Child Actor’ – Who Do You Think Of?

April 17, 2008 — 5 Comments

I was watching a re-run of How to Eat Fried Worms, and noticed a couple of known kid faces. Like Hallie Kate Eisenberg (most known as the Pepsi girl… or from the movie Paulie, LOL) – Alexander Gould from Weeds… well, I know him from there anyway. And… Ryan Malgarini who I know from The Hot Chick (he played the little brother, ha!). Anyway, it got me thinking that I couldn’t really think of any boy actor who wows me at the moment. I mean, when you think of child actors nowadays, you can immediately name Abigail Breslin (aka. Little Miss Sunshine)… or Dakota Fanning. In my case, I would also mention Jodelle Ferland of course~~

Here are some photos of them from before and how they are or might be looking now~~~

Abigail Breslin:

Dakota Fanning:

Jodelle Ferland:

But can you tell me a boy actor that wows you at the moment? Back in 2001 it was Jamie Bell, but he’s all grown up now… and still a fine actor. Back in the late 90’s and early 2000, it was Haley Joel Osment. He was Hollywood Child-Actor royalty… at least to me, and I know he is still somehow active, but I haven’t had the chance to see or hear about any of his films. I read just now that he’s in NYU? Anyway, here are some of his photos:

And lately, I have been noticing a whole more ‘star’ quality and acting wowness from girls. I could probably name a handful of child actresses’ names, while I will recognize one or two faces from the child actors without knowing their names. LOL’ case and point… the above mentioned, plus AnnaSophia Robb, and Elle Fanning. AnnaSophia looks like Natalie Portman… especially in her movie Because of Winn-Dixie, and also… I enjoyed Bridge of Terabithia, which she shared with that other good kid actor *googles name* – Josh Hutcherson. I leave you with the Fanning sisters…

Photo credits goes to:
Miss Abigail Breslin Online.
Miss Ferland.

And other resources,
Lovely Dakota

5 responses to When You Think ‘Child Actor’ – Who Do You Think Of?

  1. Oh, I remember watching In America, I thought Sarah Bolger was really good. And she’s grown up so much, non?

    Just so we continue with the Spiderwick Chronicles theme, Freddie Highmore is good, ok? But he looks the same age since Chocolate Factory, non? xD

  2. When I think child actor I quickly think… Josh Hutcherson. He is growing more and more popular everyday.. and I think his choice of movies have been great..some being..
    RV- Carl
    Bridge to Terabithia- Jess Aarons (my personal fave)
    Little Manhattan- Gabe
    Firehouse Dog – Sean
    & tons more like: Wilder Days and MotoX Kids
    But his new movies coming out would be the most famous of July 08= Journey to the Center of the Earth! its 3D and it stars Brenden Fraiser!
    And one that looks very impressive to me is Winged Creatures in the movie Josh actually trys to commit sucide!

  3. Yeah, I’ve noticed that a lot more people is googling his name, alongside Haley Joel Osment. Did anything happen with him?? Because it feels like people are turning this post into a really popular post in here…
    Hutcherson, I quite enjoyed him in Little Manhattan, especially in that scene where he gets disillusioned with the girl and thinks his world is crashing. LOL He was also good on Bridge to Terabithia!

    Thank you for commenting, Haley! =D

  4. when I think of a young star I think about dakota fanning and abigail breslin and even jodelle ferland!

    This feels like spam, but I’ll let it go… just in case – amy

  5. when I think of a young star I think about annasophia robb and dakota fanning theyre both great actresses!

    same here. – here

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