What Should Happen in The L Word on S6 Final Season

March 24, 2008 — Leave a comment

I saw the season finale for Season5 last night, and I’m glad that it wasn’t as fume-inducing as people made it sound. It wasn’t a big deal, no big cliffhanger of what’s going to happen… which is good because that would probably kill me for a year. No uber bitchiness like some other episodes where you just want to smack fictional people… I even stopped hating Jenny. I don’t hate Jodi, I don’t hate Adele… I don’t hate Shane, even though she’s so flawed, I still have hope for her. Alice irks me, as well as Nikki… maybe for the same reason I have hated Jenny since Season 1, but I don’t ‘not stand’ them.

Long post ahead for Ilene Chaiken, and fans of the show (more importantly, Sholly fans… this is for you).

Season 5 ended with Bette/Tina already planning to increase the family, Jodi hated by fans and with a new exhibit. Alice may begin stepping out of the plate, as Tasha begins her life out of the military… while Adele has everything Jenny had, studio-backing, film finished, 3-picture deal, and sex with a star, lol. She’s a bitch, but she got things done… Helena was back! That was so good to have, since I really missed how Helena said “Mommy!” ha! And thanks to her, now they own SheBar and The Planet… big woot woot!~

Now, onto the big mess… Jenny is madly in love, but we don’t know who’s the lucky one. People say it’s Nikki… which I don’t mind, but they are very hard to like for me because of all the giggly stuff, besides you don’t pass from “I fucking hate Nikki” on Ep11 to “I’m madly in love with someone” on Ep12. Plus, Nikki is as skanky as Shane is, if she couldn’t keep her legs cross… even if she ‘totally’ loves Jenny. I mean, people are all over Shane calling her trash and stuff, but if you think about it, Shane and Nikki seem to have similar ‘core values’, but I don’t see the ‘Nikki is Trash’ topics. Fact of the matter is, even if they seem similar… they lived in different environments, so Shane is bound to be more effed up than Nikki, BUT they both as messed up.

Shane is a mess of her own, because she ditched Molly after having a talk with Molly’s mother, which didn’t help much for Shane’s self-respect. “If you think you love her, don’t let her turn into one of your broken-hearted girls.” What’s Shane to do when people tell her that even her friends think she’s worthless and trouble. Molly had her answer, Shane needs to sort her shit out by herself… because Molly can’t save her. Shane needs to do this.

So this is what should happen:

  • I really think that Bette/Tina are about done in their storyline. They’re together, and that should be it… even ending with a wedding. As their own separate storylines, Bette needs to still deal with Jodi, and Tina needs to deal with Adele.
  • Adele sold her soul to the marketing people, so what needs to happen is audience for the test screen it’s 3/4 against the ending and wish for Jenny’s alter ego (can’t remember the name, lol) to not stay with Tim. This should prompt the marketing people to keep the original ending, Tina gets her ending… and Adele changes it back. Payback is when the film is a success, and Jenny’s name is the big name in the project, and Adele is just one more director (A la George Lucas on the original trilogy… I mean, who really knows who directed Star Wars??)
  • Helena is a tricky one, she seemed to have done a bit of growing out of screen… her storyline is basically done, but I would like to see Rachel Shelley back. So here’s for a new Helena/Tina film production! And I know Marlee is on Dancing, but hopefully we could see her in a few eps… Jodi leaving LA with Tom, and maybe Max. Jodi still has business with Bette, so that needs resolving.
  • NO to Jenny/Shane. Far too messy for 8 episodes. How about Jenny ends up happy, but alone? Why would Jenny need to stay with someone? So Jenny gets her name in the film, and she’s famous, but down to earth… and mend Shane/Jenny’s friendship. Jenny forgives Shane, and encourages her to do something about Molly. Shane’s reluctant, and it’ll be nice to get Carmen back to tell Shane she looks like crap, and Shane realizing why that might be. In the end (maybe by episode 6 or 7), Shane leaves LA to look for Molly… wherever she may be, in the internship or school.
  • Molly also needs some growing up, we saw hints of maturity when she showed Shane compassion. It was not about Molly getting her heart broken, it was about Shane. Molly already accepts Shane as she is… casanova and uneducated, now she needs to accept the part of Shane that wants to better herself. 5 eps of Molly in an 8-ep season would be good… showing her in school/internship looking for a rebound, which she happens to choose a guy, that ends up not working out for her much… so now we know that she might be gay, and not just gay for Shane, ha! So then she tries hooking up with a girl, and the girl notices that it isn’t working out making Molly realize that she indeed misses Shane. In the end, Shane shows up looking for her.
  • Now, this is IMPORTANT. Phyllis can’t tell Molly what she’s done because that would most likely prompt Molly to go after Shane, which doesn’t work for Shane’s character arc. We cannot have Molly go after Shane, because that defeats the purpose of having Shane maturing. Plus, Shane chasing after Molly to wherever she is ties up nicely with Molly’s comment on Richard trying to be romantic, her comments on herself chasing after Shane…

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