Academy Awards are Today!!!

February 24, 2008 — 1 Comment

Friends are ready to pretend that we are there. LOL’ I will be watching the Red Carpet on E! Latin America, while I keep on checking Lainey’s Red Carpet event through the eTalk website. If you wanna watch Lainey, head over here.

Comments Live, so check and refresh.

Best Short Animation needs to be I Met The Walrus, crossing my heart, as I do for Marion!

A soggy Red Carpet, lovely… ha! I can’t wait to see Marion Cotillard… coz she’s been looking fantastic in all events. I’m also looking forward to Ellen Page, who rocked my world with the Independent Spirit Awards.

As my friend said, Saoirse Ronan was fantastic on Atonement. And we love the patriotic Saoirse wearing green! She’s so cute, and very talkative~~

Will Kidman be making an appearance for more baby bump talk? Lainey will love it. Plus, Angelina has already shown us her bump… shocking news first talked about in Lainey xD. I still think though that Kidman should’ve been considered for a Supporting Actress nod for her role in Margot at the Wedding.

Lainey is reporting Glen Hansard just arrived with his guitar. How awesome is that? hahaha, can’t wait to see him, and I hope he wins Best Original Song, as GRAMMY turned him down. Coz GRAMMY blew major butt.

Just got a glimpse of Amy Adams… and another of James McAvoy! Major swoon~~ I so want to watch Adams performing The Happy Working Song, such a funny song. My vote still is with Once, which by the way won the Independent Spirit Award for Best Foreign Film.

Patrick Dempsey just showed up, and Amy Adams is showing on the big screen! He looks mighty fine, ha! I still remember him from his teen films, which were so weird. xD

McAvoy just showed up on E!… with Jennifer Garner on the other screen… McAvoy is hot, I love the accent! ha! What a lucky wife, xD… 0 now, I wanna see Garner. She’s so awesome, I still remember the time she almost slipped on stage. xD~ and she said “don’t worry. I do my own stunts” hahahaha.

Amy Adams in on! Great looking on black, and an empty bag, ha! And the regal looking from Enchanted doll~

Jennifer Garner and Laura Linney, awesome looking. Garner looks so hot xD Such a super mom xD… what are they gossiping about!!!

40min to Oscars… and Miley Cyrus is on. Me not a big fan, but to each its own xD

OMGGGGGGGGGGG, Marion is wearing a Mermaid xD. How awesome is that? Totally not the norm… kinda reminiscing of the idea of the swan dress. I love different, and she still looks good. ^^ ha! Can you hear the otaku fan coming out of me? Instead of interviewing Jessica Alba, they should interview Marion~~

Marion is amazing looking, now that Ryan interviews her. Her English has gotten really good, but she still comes of as a child~ She rocks the red carpet, and things are looking good. Haha, she’s so cute! We’re Live at the Oscars, she’s got a little time for her next project. Loving it.

20min to the broadcast. Amy’s friends are getting impatient~ So I’d better leave this post as it is… unless someone looks awesomely hot, like Javier Bardem. Keep an eye on it through Lainey’s Backstage and blogging.

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