Oscar 2009 Winners and Live @ ITG!

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Will be blogging when Red Carpet begins… even though I’m not that good at it. But check back on this spot for Red Carpet moments, and Winners as they are announced.

Also, I was invited to be ‘panelist’ at ITG, so head over there for a LIVE blog of the Award show itself.

Moments and winners, will be posted as they happen after the break

@6.06pm – Red Carpet just began on E! … they mentioned, Disney ‘stars’ at Oscar? UGH! I saw Miley. Just UGH.

Am waiting for Hugh… not so much about the performing with Effron and Hudgens… but just Hugh.

Dev Patel just made an entrance with Freida Pinto on the small screen, while the dude from Mamma Mia! talks with Seacrest.

E! sucks at Red Carpet… miss the days of Melissa and Joan Rivers. xD They were the shit. Seriously. Crazy carpet moments with them…

Also, check Lainey’s Twitter – I’m not a big Twitterer but check it out. Love Lainey! Lainey rules~~

UGH, Zac Effron is on the screen. FRAK! Oscar on ABC, ABC OWNED by Disney. FRAK! And now Hudgens, WHY!!!!!!

Can’t watch the CTV’s Live Carpet, but if you wanna give it a try, here you go!!

Kevin Kline is on, while Richard Jenkins (!!!!) has just arrived. I would give HIM the Oscar. – Everyone RAVES about Slumdog… Kline just did, Ellen Page did last night at the Indie Spirits~~ It’s kind of a bit boring by now. People should name other films…

Amy Adams is on screen looking good… but no, Madonna??? Don’t switch to Madonna footage, and show me more Amy Adams. I always complain that E! focus too much on ‘famous’ people… I was complaining about their commercial mentioning “Angelina, Meryl, Anne, Kate… Penelope” and they TOTALLY skipped Melissa Leo. Stupid people… whatever they are talking on E! it seems I can’t understand English anymore. xD

AWWWWW, the little kids from Slumdog!!!!! Seacrest is an idiot. But the kids are cute. And Giuliana eats kids, because she thinks those kids are ‘delicious’.

I don’t know why E! does Predictions anymore… I mean, Kate Winslet with 67% LOL.

More Slumdog cast…

Melissa Leo is looking pretty good… more glamour than yesterday. She did the cutest speech last night when winning the Indie Spirit~~~ True independent filmmaking~~~

Viola Davis looks soooooo happy… Viola for Supporting? I’m split with Penelope…

Taraji P. Henson – hot. I love her hair xD

And now back to dumbass Seacrest, and Dev Patel + Freida Pinto. Dev still looks shocked xD

John Legend just showed up, also raving about Slumdog… why is John Legend there? Just wondering… – and Giuliana always with the stupid comments. Geez….

I can rave all day of Taraji, and Richard Jenkins… – and Josh Brolin just showed up with Diane Lane… in black. Melissa Leo just showed up~~ I’m surprised Seacrest ahs seen Frozen River… unless he’s just saying it for saying.

Why is Heidi there? Not complaining… but she looks a bit off. – Gus Van Sant and Danny Boyle on screen… and Michael Shannon, whom everyone ignored~~~

Viola Davis is up now… – I’m a big BIG Doubt fan, and wouldn’t mind upsetting everyone and Doubt winning all acting awards… xD – Michael Sheen and Ben Kingsley on screen…

I actually heard Natalie Portman might be showing up… I wanna see her. xD

Haha, Mr. Jay just called Heidi a piece of Origami. xD I hate how ‘they’ say orrrrrigami. UGH.

Taraji P. Henson… she’s great, funny… talented. Did you see her singing the song for Ballast last night? – I wouldn’t mind her winning either. HA! Supoprting Actresses were awesome this year, I must say.

Michael Shannon, for Revolutionary Road~~~ No one important nomination this year, but I called this one. I was jumping giddy~~~ OMG, another shot of Amy Adams on red… I love Amy Adams~~ *ROLF* I wouldn’t mind her winning Best Supporting Actress either hahaha – by the way, did you get to read those ‘leak’ winners?

Marisa Tomei…on screen~~ I actually was the least thrilled about her nomination. Truth be told. And now Amanda Seyfried from Mamma Mia (or Mean Girls, there’s a 30% chance of raining) – And Heidi… with HUMUNGOUS earrings, and showing off her legs.

I wanna take this commercial break to say that I’m sorry of all the Red Carpet babbling… It seems I can’t write longer than a 5-word sentence. Not that I write any better in another occasion, but I do write worse in this case~~

Michael Sheen commenting on Frost/Nixon, which I didn’t enjoy much. But Seacrest’s questions BORED me to death. – Richard Jenkins… !! I loved his performance – Rourke just showed up, and ugh… Sarah Jessica Parker’s face… what’s wrong with it – and if Rourke wins~~~ he better not smack one on my Marion xD  – WOOOOOOO Natalie PORTMAN!!!!! OMGGGGG

in PINK! LOL WOOOOO – ZOMG!!!! In that little seconds she was on-screen, I loved her. x’D hahahaha

Amy Adams… and Anne Hathaway just arrived.  Awww, Amy Adams is so cute (and Patinson is behind her, Lainey says he is incapable of closing his mouth) – hahaha, Amy Adams and the mention of Cruel Intentions HAHA – GOSH! C.I2!!! That movie~~~ I had almost blocked that one out~~~

James Franco… he looked better last night~~~ and Evan Rachel Wood, she looks good. But I still CAN’T block the Marilyn Manson phase. Matthew Broderick looks like SHIT. – Sean Penn just arrived.

No, we DON’T care for Sex and the City Movie.

Robert Downey Jr. – hot. And just wondering… why is Seth Rogen so fit now? Oh, for a role…

Ufff… Natalie. She’s a little gothy… LOL’ Dark nails? Smokey eyes… HOT PINK? dress – I actually love it at first sight.

Another commercial break, I think that the Oscar winners will have to fit on another post considering this one is running long.

Evan Rachel Wood…. good.

and… found a pic of Ryoko Hirosue from Okuribito (Departures) nominated for Best Foreign, which I wouldn’t mind winning hahaha.

I just died… Marion Cotillard on the screen, while Evan Rachel Wood is talking to Seacrest. She has a scary laugh. xD – Wonder, how did Evan get so white… LOL the way she says “Mickey” ish…

UGH. How can u follow up a glimpse of Marion, with Jessica Biel. UGH!

Penelope talking about Nine, and Kate Winslet on the carpet~~~ and MARION!!! GOSH, toooooo much adrenaline. xD – Marion loves Penelope xD awwwwww, Marion’s english is MOST improved. Oh my heart is melting, OMG the BRANGE!!!!! Angelina… gosh, that look. LOL’ And Brad looks dashing, I hope they SNUB Secreast~~~

Kate Winslet looks stunned. Not stunnish, but stunned. Hahaha. Well, it’s actuall 8min to Oscar, so I gotta get over to ITG. Head over here for some more live blogging

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