Khamatova Has Two Speaking Voices

A lot of people describe Chulpan Khamatova having a deep raspy voice, and I usually disagreed with them because I find her acting voice quite high-pitched… except on The Event, which no one has watched, and I think that’s a play. So maybe… she used her voice differently when she acts on stage and when she’s on set?

She definitely has two voices, as you can see from this video. Khamatova had recently received some award from the Russian government for her work as an actress, alongside another actor and a whole bunch of other people. Sorry I’m not helpful looking for links or exact words, but I want to be quick about it.

You know who else has different speaking voices depending on whether she’s giving a sponsor interview, making a commercial, regular talking in a serious talk show or just talking about acting? Yu Aoi.

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  1. Khamatova for June’14 SNC Magazine | - A Blog by Amy Wong. - June 24, 2014

    […] Also, I ran into this kinda awesome (except for all the clips of The Sword Bearer) Chulpan Khamatova’s scattered filmography clip that’s not on YouTube. Nothing beats Khamatova dancing… specially in that veggie suit. PLUS! This animated short titled Anya by Damien O’Connor to support Irish charity To Russia With Love, which features -albeit for just a line or two- Khamatova’s voice. Both voices, if you know what I mean [1]. […]

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