BiBi Takes on Celine Dion and Whitney~

Alright~ Bibi taking on My Heart Will Go On kinda took me by surprise — have no idea who’s on the guitar — but I like the arrangement they did to the song kinda straying from the actual song, because very few can give Celine Dion a fresh spin.

Bibi oversang a bit, coz I have the inkling that she was trying to cover up for something~~~

DUDE, his English. I don’t mind that you mispronounce one or two words, but all the lyrics sound like gibberish. It’s completely distracting, and a pity that had to turn out this way because it’s a really refreshing arrangement.

Then there’s BiBi taking on Whitney.

It’s very intimidating, to be honest. How can one take on Whitney. Most people would choose to sing I Will Always Love You… or maybe they’ll try to sing When You Believe, or My Love Is Your Love. BiBi chose to sing I Look to You and Saving All my Love For You (the Whitney version) in BiBi’s own very style.

I won’t lie — it sounds a little bit weird to me. It’s a bit bizarre to listen to it through BiBi, like there’s some flavor missing. BiBi’s voice is velvety, but I think it lacks — until now — a certain chocolate mousse texture, you know? That texture of soft sweet but with a tinge of bitter tone in her voice that can only be achieved with years of living experience.

BiBi can obviously get there, but I’m just pointing it out~ xD

Also~ how AWESOME is that final bit with Bibi and Chris Lee? Hilarious. I was rolling all over alongside my dad laughing over it. We both love them. They should make a crazy collab together sometime just to spite those anti-fans, huh?

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