Where are new animators going?

April 16, 2012 — Leave a comment

I’m not going to be showing anything in particular or talk about anything in particular, but I gotta mention that this post is a bit NSFW~ Just because I’m going to be dealing with porn, or more specifically animated porn… which some call Hentai — but really, Hentai would be the anime version, right?


I’ve seen a couple of Blue films from a documentary — I really had no idea erotic films went that far back in film history, but it figures. Since then, I’ve always had a fascination with some of the “vintage” animated shorts I’ve run into about the subject. There many of them, of the German kind… sometimes Scandinavian, or Eastern European ones. There are many that re-work some fairy tales — the few that I’ve seen were Snow White, and there also was Hansel & Gretel. Many of them feature castle types, which I guess can be explained from the shape of castles… they lend itself to the topic. LOL

Then, I ran into this clip:

It’s pretty good, huh? Not necessarily porn, but kinda having to do with it. It’s super funny, and it’s got amazing animation. It’s perfect. In the end, I ended up looking for more animation of the type and… ran into this.

A bit disturbing? Sure. It’s Velma… and Shaggy. They were doing it, but what struck me was how good the production quality actually was. In contrast to years ago, animated porn — not of the Hentai type — was poorly done. Cheap-looking and just rather ridiculous. Horrible character designed that barely looked like the characters they were supposed to be, horrible voice acting, awful basic animation…

This Scooby Doo thing? It actually… the characters sound like they’re VERY close to the original voice actors, the character design matches the original characters quite nicely, and the overall setting of the clip was rather well put together in terms of colors and backgrounds.

The music was a little bit cheap, while the Foley and the ADR got a bit ridiculous at times. However, the point of this is that the clip looked legit… so I wondered whether animation students who couldn’t find jobs at, let’s say- Pixar or Dreamworks or Sony or etc., were going to legit companies to make animated porn.

I also found this Teen Titans thing~

Super disturbing too — in a different disturbing way, but AMAZING production quality. Even better than the Scooby Doo one above. Animation seemed smoother, looked even more legit and character anatomy made a lot more sense, while the music and sound design didn’t take from the actual clip.

So… would anyone want to enlighten me in the topic?

Are you guys getting into animated porn for the development of the economical crisis, or is it a legit interest in making the animated porn industry better?

Why is non-hentai animated porn getting better? Or is this more like the exception to the rule? As you can see, I have a lot of curious questions. Hahaha.

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