JeA, Awesome Just the Way You Are

April 2, 2012 — Leave a comment

You all know that I like Brown Eyed Girls. I actually spent a huge chunk of my trip to Taiwan listening to Brown Eyed Girls’ albums (especially the first two), and then I realized something. I LOVE JeA, like… so much.

But I have a confession to make~ I didn’t really “get” her at first. To be honest, I was way too distracted by GaIn to notice anything, but as time has passed by… I finally get it. JeA, you’re amazing just the way you are. I’m sorry I took you for granted when I first started listening, but now I have a deep-seeded respect for you (as a person) and your talent. Your voice is beautiful, layered with feelings and experience that just flows towards your audience. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

I also love your personality. A lot. Maybe it comes from the fact that I have so many 30-something-year-old Korean friends that I really connect with the way you emote, laugh and talk about things. At times, you especially remind me of THAT person.

Also, I love that your not-so-secret secret is that you love meat so much. I’m a little bit jealous that you and GaIn get to each so much and look the way you guys do, but such is life~ it makes you guys even more awesome.

So please keep being your amazing-self, always.

The shot of the sizzling meat, OH GOD. THE MEAT.

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