Kenichi Matsuyama on Taira no Kiyomori

Kenichi Matsuyama looks so grown-up now… promoting his upcoming NHK Taiga, Taira no Kiyomori — all I know about Kiyomori I learned in Yoshitsune [1] haha. Anyway, as you know I was pretty pumped [1][2][3] for Gou and I defended Juri through it all [1], but I knew Gou’s fault.

Anyway, I’m pretty pumped for Taira no Kiyomori, and this promo for it with a manly Kenichi Matsuyama is kinda… really inspiring haha. I kinda really love that photo.

are you going to be watching?

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  1. I haven’t had a very good track record with the dramas that I’ve been most excited about but perhaps this will prove to be an exception? God, I hope so.

    What else are you watching next season? Shokuzai? :D

    • I’ve been horrible with TV shows in general. I didn’t even keep up with Dexter. I’m gonna try to watch Taira no Kiyomori, since I get NHK – but subtitles are always a problem. I hate that their uploads are like 1Gb in size, when a 40min show like House is like 350Mb only. I might just go by what I see on that depending on the subtitle files…

      And I’m definitely catching Shokuzai, but I hope a fansub group picks it up. Also, they begin airing Kaitakushatachi (The Pioneers — next post to this one) tonight on NHK (in about 4 or 5hrs). I hope someone picks it up too.

    • btw, Happy 2012~ :)

      • Happy New Year to you too, Amy!

        I have four dramas on my plate so I’m going to settle for reading reviews of The Pioneers first. But having seen her in Soredemo, Ikite Yuku, I have no doubt that Mitsushima is one to watch.

  2. This had the third worst opening in Taiga History with 17 % .
    The irony is it tied with 1972’s Shin Heike Monogatari which covers the same subject .

    For what its worth i managed to watch Ep’s 1 and 3 online the latter with subs but its tough because NHK are scouring the net and yanking them faster than a person can blink .

    So far despite what seemed a lame cast its been really decent and one of the more realistic Taiga’s and at least after Gou they (NHK )did bot panic and inflict another Chushingura or Nobunaga/Hideyoshi/Ieyasu drama on us .So i am hoping this picks up at least .

    • Well, I think a 17% opening is normal considering how bad Gou was received last year – which was really sad because I really like Juri Ueno.

      I didn’t think the cast was lame – at least some of them are pretty decent. Anyway, I’ve watched just a couple of episodes, but I really haven’t kept up with it because the broadcast on NHK Premium World has no subtitles, and it being a Taiga – I understand less than 20% of what’s going on most of the time. LOL

      I really think NHK should think about broadcasting with subs, at least the people that get the signal wouldn’t have to look for a fansub to pick it up and would avoid downloading…

      Thanks for the update on it, though ;)

      • NHK World Premium will start broadcasting the drama with subtitles in a week or two probably ,The Subtitled Version depending where you are in the world for example California it airs on Saturday After Noons around 2/3 pm ,also the subbed version will air in LA and Hawaii on local networks .

        NHK like to put about 5 weeks between non subbed and subbed versions .

        Gou is has the dubious honor of being the worst Taiga ever ,more for the overacting of Juri Ueno than anything else .

        • Actually, the NHK signal I get doesn’t have subtitles at all. I sometimes get dual audio on news reports, but never subtitles.

          Actually, I thought Gou was bad for the story treatment and direction.

          • Check your Saturday listings for the Kiyomori repeat because that is the only subbed program on the whole network ,though NHK never mention it ,its like a little secret .

            The Gou storyline was done better in 2000 with the Taiga Aoi Tokugawa Sandai ,plus i think people are just burned out on the whole Nobunaga/Hideyoshi/Ieyasu trio …as i say that Tv Asahi start Nohime next month about Nobunaga’s wife .

          • I watch all of NHK’s reruns of the Taiga and I’ve never ran into one that’s subtitled, unless my cable provider is a very sucky one and I could only get the subs in the captioned text which they’ve stopped showing.

          • That has been a problem with J Dramas they used to be subtitled until around 2003/4 when they just stopped caring about the export market and stopped subbing them as a result many US PBS stations stopped carrying them and replaced them with Korean and Chinese programming .

            The Dramacrazy site has the first 4 episodes of Taira No Kiyomori fansubbed ,It is not listed on the site but if you type it in the search function you will find it .

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