The L Word: Shane + Carmen – Fix You

Hmm… not really in the mood of talking (or ranting) now.

I don’t need to say that nothing on The L Word is really “safe for work” right? It’s not like you see much in here, but just to be safe, knowing you won’t get caught watching something… even if just a fanvid, that may look to some people like something else~

I re-watched sporadically the 3 first seasons of the show, and I just got sort of nostalgic about Shane and Carmen. You know I like Shane a lot, I liked Shane with Molly a lot too because of how fluffy their development was. It was different for the character, they had somewhere to go… but they never made it there. Meh, oh well~

So re-watching Shane and Carmen, I had almost forgotten how intense they were. Partly in a good way, but as the end of the third season came upon… it became more and more destructive.

You know that bit when Carmen dreams that Shane is giving Cherie Jaffe their tattoo, and then Carmen reveals she also cheated on her after Shane slept with Cherie? That bit when Shane’s all mad but nonchalant, looks at her and asks her whether she feels better now that they’re even. It was awful in a really good way.

So I guess Coldplay is their perfect fit. LOL

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    • @Julyssa, Sharmen is hotter, I know. But I liked the fluffy quality of Sholly. I mean, Shane wanted to be… better to match Molly. She wanted to be something more. But then they just dropped that in the final season, so it doesn’t matter…

      I was thinking about that Jdrama version hahaha.

  2. @Amy

    Yeah sure ShoLly blah blah blah…. I feel like Shane would have been so much better with Carmen.

    The Jdrama version… we should make it an Asian one and include some Chinese and Korean actresses #wompwomp

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