Weibo Fail

February 26, 2011 — 3 Comments

So I was browsing around to see if I should setup a Weibo (aka. China’s microblogging a la Twitter), and I was fine. I was able to open an account, and got an email for confirmation. The problem began later.

I was supposed to pick a nickname, and setup my profile… but there was an issue. I thought it must be me not reading characters, so I google it up and ended up with this Tutorial on how to setup a Weibo account (to follow CNBLUE, ha!).

And it seems like the “Location” option tab — which is the first rectangle in my screencap — is set automatically, but in mine shows nothing! Then, I don’t have the confirmation code either! So I can’t move on from that setup page!

To make matters worse, servers in China are sooooo freaking slow. What’s up with that China? You’re awesome and all, but the slow internet, and slow response for people outside China of Chinese sites is kinda sad. =(

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  1. Are you bored?

    • @Julili, no… not really. Just wanted to test out Weibo. Most comments I’ve heard says it’s better than Twitter. I mean, sure it comes from the Twitter basic idea, but apparently it’s improved on functionality.

      What I’m most interested is its comment ability in single entries. You know, instead of having 10 @replies on Twitter, you can see everything under comments.

      Plus, someone commented our review of Laure Shang in it. LOL

      I think if I get it to work, and speed gets better… could use Weibo to practice Chinese character reading xD Eventually.

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