My 2016 Letterboxd Year in Review

I was secretly looking forward to my Letterboxd Year in Review newsletter :P Compared to last year, my hours watched dropped in a staggering 32% yo! And it’s not even because I’ve been watching shorter movies LOL The total number of movies watched also dropped around 32% (31.89%). I still haven’t decided whether that’s because I got obsessed over Mamamoo or because I got caught up with work.

This year I made it a point to brush up on my Chinese cinema, but it doesn’t make sense that Johnnie To is my most-watched director because I can only recall watching 2 movies of his last year — Office in early January and Mad Detective was my last watch — LOL Oh, nevermind, I also watched Three xD which matched the three other movies I saw in 2015. And yeah, Anna May Wong was definitely my Most Watched Actor with 7 titles— The Thief of Bagdad, ImpactThe Toll of the SeaA Study in ScarletDaughter of the DragonBombs Over Burma, and Lady from Chungking.

The movie-watching also got very influenced with the #52FilmsByWomen project [1][2][3].

My 2017 didn’t start off with a bang, so I’m just hoping to match my 2016 record~

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  1. Anna!

    not related to the above post, but I saw the verb “protagonizar” in a music post ( Have you heard or seen anyone else use it?

    • oh, of course. “protagonizar” is the same as “starring” both come from the words “protagonista” or “star [of the film]”. As a verb, you can conjugate it— I star (yo protagonizo), you star (tu protagonizas), etc. Meaning that you show up in the story/video/movie. Not so much in music xD unless the musician shows up in the music video. A singer doesn’t ‘star’ in a song, but they can star in the music video of that song. :P

      So in the post above, it just means those people are the main stars of the videos of the week. A closer translation would be “such and such are the featured artists of the week”

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