Nick Chou – Mad Love (Ai Fang) MV + Fu Xin Han

I’m all messy with my MV post titles – I usually put “original title pronunciation (with English translation)” it’s that way on my iPod anyway… but here, I post English titles sometimes because original titles are complicated, or sometimes just refer to them with their original titles because the English sounds silly.

I’m conflicted with Mad Love or Ai Fang. LOL

Anyway, I’m just posting Mad Love because I wanted to post Fu Xin Han — there you go, another example of naming. I just don’t know how to translate that xD Attached-Heart Man? See, that sounds a bit silly. However, the commercial pop video – I had a big discussion on commercial pop the other day – it looks promising for the cpop scene.

My only complain is that there’s so many ‘stages’ and color changes, it doesn’t seem put together. I would have traded the music graphs [which reminded me of Justin Timberlake’s LoveStoned video] for a white room with choreography… but then again, that’s so JT’s My Love too, right? LOL

Sorry, if international viewers can’t see the JT videos – it sucks – but those are the only links to the videos I could actually find. I hate YOU REGION RESTRICTION.

But as far as commercial c-pop goes… with the dancing, it looks promising. Plus, his fast-tempo songs in the album are pretty good to keep up the energy and to get you to move.

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