My video card is out…

April 27, 2010 — 6 Comments

has been not working for a while now, but now it won’t start at all. system starts up fine, but it won’t recognize the monitor. SUCKS.

Won’t be posting until it gets back up and/or I get a new card.

anyone know what video card I could use to replace the Nvidia Geforce 5600? I’m pretty sure it’s that model, I’m too pissed to look for the box…

6 responses to My video card is out…

  1. Do you play games on it? Watch movies? Or do you just want something cheap?

  2. for fun i watch movies… not really play games
    but i do work with video, do animations and other motion graphics

    also… CPU is beeping now… I think I might have to change it all together. *sighs*

    what card would you suggest?

  3. Also… gonna be dying of computer withdrawal xD

  4. Not knowing your computer I would say.

    GeForce 9800 GT around 100US


    GeForce 9800 GT around 170US for 1GB memory or 140US for 512GB memory,

  5. Oh, and this is why I buy Apple. Had a HD on my laptop die, made an appointment at the Apple store before I went in to work. At lunch I had a laptop with a new HD.

    You pay more, but you do not worry about anything.

  6. bawww, stop making me feel bad about not owning a Mac. LOL

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